2021 World Sight Day | Thursday, October 14th

The date for World Sight Day in 2021 is Thursday, October 14th.

For this year’s theme: #LoveYourEyes

World Sight Day is a global awareness day observed every year on the second Thursday in October to draw attention to vision impairment, including blindness. The subject for this year’s World Sight Day is Love Your Eyes, and it will be held on October 14, 2021.

2021 world sight day

Everyone Is Important

Nearly everyone on the planet may develop an eye condition at some point in their life, and over a billion people lack access to eye care.

We need to be conscious of our eye health to address the wider situation on a national and global level, which is why our theme for 2021 is #LoveYourEyes.

#LoveYourEyes is about being aware of your eye health and, if possible, taking a vision test or encouraging others to do so.

Our eyes may disclose a lot about our general health, so stay tuned for additional information on how to #LoveYourEyes and learn more about your eye health.

2021 world sight day

Global Awareness

At least 1 billion people worldwide suffer from near- or far-sightedness that could be avoided or is yet unaddressed. People of various ages are affected by vision impairment, with the majority being over the age of 50. 

All aspects of life, including everyday personal activities, engaging with the community, education and career opportunities, and the capacity to use public services, can be significantly impacted by vision impairment and blindness.

The most common causes of vision impairment are untreated cataracts and uncorrected refractive errors. Other factors, like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, infectious eye illnesses, and trauma, cannot be overlooked and must be handled.

The Member States recently adopted two new global eye care targets for 2030 at the 74th World Health Assembly: a 40% increase in effective coverage of refractive defects and a 30% increase in effective coverage of cataract surgery. These goals will be critical in expanding global eye care coverage and providing high-quality services in the future.

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