FLORetina | Vitreoretinal Academy – Advanced Level Vitrectomy | 22.06.21 Webinar

Vitreoretinal Academy – Advanced Level Vitrectomy

22 June 2021
6:30 PM CEST

advanced level vitrectomy 2021 vitreoretinal academy advanced level vitrectomy

Cesare Mariotti
Stanislao Rizzo

Gianluca Guidi
Vito Primavera
Paolo Radice
Mario Romano


Giant retinal tear: retinal edges and tamponade choice
Mario Romano

Vitrectomy in proliferative diabetic retinopathy
Gianluca Guidi

Intraocular foreign in MIVS era
Vito Primavera

Conservative surgical approach of endophthalmitis
Paolo Radice

Endoresection of uveal melanoma post-radiotherapy
Mario Romano

Discussion with the audience

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