Are COVID Complications More Common in People With AMD?

A recent research indicates that patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) who become infected with COVID-19 have a higher risk of serious illness. However, eye experts warn that the connection between AMD and COVID is still not clear and that more research is required.

Macular degeneration is characterized by chronic inflammation. This inflammation can affect retinal cells over time, resulting in vision loss. Chronic inflammation is a symptom of macular degeneration. This inflammation can cause vision loss by damaging retinal cells over time.

Other factors can contribute to COVID complications becoming more severe in people with macular degeneration. This may be the reason why COVID problems seem to be more common and serious in people with AMD. Many individuals with AMD are 65 years old or older, and they may have other health problems including high blood pressure or diabetes.

Covid, Inflammation, and Macular Degeneration Can All Be Related

are covid complications more common in people with amd

During the first wave of the pandemic, researchers studied 6,398 people who were infected with COVID. Patients with AMD were three times more likely to die and died three times faster than patients without AMD. Intubation was required in one out of every five patients with AMD.

However, experts point out that the study was limited, with only 88 AMD patients participating. It is unclear what kind of AMD those patients had or what stage of the disease they were in. To better understand the risk of COVID complications in people with AMD, a larger and more rigorous study is required.

How to Take Precautions to Safeguard Your Health

1. Continue to follow health care recommendations to avoid getting infected with COVID.

are covid complications more common in people with amd

● In public areas, wear a face mask.
● Keep your social distance.
● Hands should be washed often and thoroughly.
● Stay away from both public and private events (even with family and friends)

2. Discuss your treatment options with your ophthalmologist.

● It is important to keep getting your eye injections on a regular basis.
● To minimize the risk of virus transmission and ensure your safety during clinic visits, eye doctors have now introduced new precautions and guidelines.

3. Obtain a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

are covid complications more common in people with amd

● If you are exposed to the virus, a COVID vaccine will train the immune system to combat it.
● If you should get sick, having vaccinated will help you avoid being seriously ill.

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