Are Expensive Sunglasses Worth Buying?

We all know that designer sunglasses are expensive because of their brand and quality. The price of designer sunglasses is not questionable because of the excellent materials that they use that makes them durable. An inexpensive pair of sunglasses gives adequate sun protection even with the average quality of materials used.

Many people are mistaken about the fact that designer sunglasses offer better UV protection than other brands. When it comes to UV protection, the price has nothing to do with it. There are a variety of sunglasses in malls or drugstores that can offer 99% to 100% UV protection.

UV labels should be a priority when looking for sunglasses because they will provide you adequate protection from harmful UV rays. You can ask an eye care professional to test the UV protection percentage of the sunglasses that you want.

There are low-cost sunglasses that have UV protection. If this is your purpose of buying, it is unnecessary to buy an expensive one.

are expensive sunglasses worth buying

Are Designer Sunglasses Better Than Low-cost Sunglasses?

With high-quality lens materials such as coatings, expensive sunglasses might give a better visual experience. Different coatings cost a lot but make them more effective and long lasting than others.

As discussed, low-cost sunglasses offer proper UV ray protection as well as designer sunglasses. It may provide UV ray protection but the lens might not be scratch-resistant. If your lenses have scratched it might annoy you and affect the quality of your sunglasses.

Inexpensive polarized sunglasses are prone to distortion, scratches, and warping because of the coating applied. Expensive sunglasses usually come with an additional lens coating that helps in maintaining the good shape and quality of the lens.

Prescription and photochromic lenses are available in designer sunglasses which is a great option for people who want to spend time outdoors and have clear vision at the same time.

are expensive sunglasses worth buying

Which Type of Sunglasses Last Longer?

Some people think that expensive glasses last longer than low-cost sunglasses. The truth is it will depend on how you use and take care of your sunglasses. The expensive price is useless if you are rough with your sunglasses.

Durable frames and lens materials are present with expensive sunglasses which can help you to use them for a longer time which is a good investment. Do not be discouraged in buying low-cost sunglasses because they are good ones too even without a designer brand.

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