Are Low-cost Sunglasses Harmful to Your Eyes?

Sunglasses of high quality are frequently costly. So why not get a pair of cheap sunglasses that look practically identical? Or are low-cost sunglasses harmful to your eyes?

When purchasing sunglasses, consider the following factors:

are low cost sunglasses harmful

UV Protection

It is critical that your sunglasses offer complete UV protection; this will protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging UV rays, which can cause long-term vision loss and even blindness. Even if a sticker on the lenses says “blocks UV,” don’t believe that cheap sunglasses provide this level of protection.

are low cost sunglasses harmful

Optical Excellence

When you first try on cheap sunglasses, they may appear to provide clear vision, but if the optical quality of the lenses is lower than it should be, you may have eye discomfort after wearing them for a full day. This could be due to the low-cost lens material utilized, as well as possible lens warping in the frame.

are low cost sunglasses harmful

Resistant to Impact

Cheap eyewear lenses do not consistently achieve the amount of impact protection required by US regulations. Do not take any risks. Choose lightweight polycarbonate lenses for maximum impact resistance.

The most significant reasons to wear sunglasses are to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, see clearly and comfortably in various settings, from bright sunlight to overcast haze, and avoid injury or irritation.

Do not buy if you cannot verify that the lenses give UV protection, optical quality, and durability found in more expensive sunglasses.

A trained optician can assess the quality of your present sunglasses and recommend high-quality sunglasses that give the clarity, comfort, and eye protection you require.

However, More Costly Sunglasses Are Not Always the Best

Expensive sunglasses may look nice, but is there really that much of a difference between designer sunglasses and that $5 pair from the souvenir store, aside from the price tag?

No, as long as both offer 100 percent UV protection. The higher price is due to the brand name rather than any actual functional enhancements in many cases.

Some less expensive sunglasses meet these requirements, while others do not! So, do not base your decision solely on pricing! Always compare the UV protection, optical excellence, comfort, and durability to make sure you are getting the best choice.

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