AVRS Alexandria Vitreoretinal Society 2021 | 02.04.2021 Egypt


02 April 2021
14:00 to 18:00


Chairs: Stanislao Rizzo, Edoardo Midena

Introduction (Chairs)

The rationale of retinal and choroidal imaging in nAMD | Lisa Toto
Q&A | Moderator: Mariacristina Savastano

High risk lesions for exudative nAMD | Giuseppe Querques
Q&A | Moderator: Elisabetta Pilotto

Different regimes in nAMD treatment: pearls and pitfalls | Mariacristina Parravano
Q&A | Moderator: Federico Ricci

Unmet needs in treating nAMD: patients, caregivers and structures | Massimo Nicolò
Q&A | Moderator: Michele Reibaldi

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