How the “Better One, Better Two” Test Plays a Role in Getting an Eyeglass Prescription

People who have been in an eye doctor are probably familiar with the machine with knobs and dials. Not many know what the machine is called but it is a phoropter. Many people will look for something more modern such as a laser scanning device because it looks vintage but it is one of the most accurate tests used when prescribing eyeglasses.

Individuals who sit behind the phoropter experience anxiety. The test is performed to define your eyeglasses prescription. You will answer by saying “one” or “two” which are the only measurements used. It is hard when you are experiencing anxiety because there is so much room for error.

There are times where it is hard to decide because “one” and “two” do not have that much big difference. Remember to stay calm during the process because you might end up getting confused on which is better with one or two.

better one better two eyeglass prescription

Understanding How a Phoropter Works

Anxiety may be reduced when you finally understand how a phoropter works rather than just sitting behind it. You may not be able to know everything that they do when the eye doctor turns the knobs and dials. The only thing that you have to know is your answers determine the way the knobs and dials will turn.

There is no correct answer when you are asked because the answer is sort of “hot or cold.” It is like a game where it asks you which is better that is repeated over and over until it is enough. When dealing with a phoropter, you are asked to look through different lenses and answer which is better between the two lenses.

better one better two eyeglass prescription

Is It Accurate to Use a Phoropter?

Phoropters are used to determine prescriptions. Prescriptions are being measured using diopters. The smallest increment is a quarter of the diopter which can appear the choices to be -2.25 diopters and -2.50 diopters. If you cannot tell what is the difference between “one” or “two, that is the final destination of the exam.

Not being able to tell which one better means that the number is close even without finding the exact prescription. Be aware that our eyes vary slightly throughout the day which is why the human eye is not able to discern clarity that is increased in units smaller than a quarter.

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