Why Do I Have Blurry Vision With Contact Lenses On?

People who have refractive errors use contact lenses to correct their vision and be able to see clearly. Ideally, a new contact lens should provide clear and comfortable vision always. There may be instances where some things are a little blurry even with contact lenses. There are several reasons why your vision is blurry, cloudy, or hazy in your contacts.

The most common reason behind this is the buildup of debris and protein deposits on the surface of the contact lens. There is an easy way to know if this is your problem which is to take the contact lenses out and wear glasses to compare vision. The contact lenses are probably dirty if vision is clearer with glasses on. Make sure to follow the proper cleaning routine when lenses are removed.

If contact lenses are worn longer than they were designed, it is more likely to accumulate buildup and protein deposits on the surface. The marker offers daily disposable, two-week disposable, or monthly disposable that is perfect to decrease the risk of infection. Replace your contact lenses as recommended to reduce the chance of damage to the eyes.

Can Dryness Cause Blurry Vision?

woman putting on eye drops

The eye itself gets dry most especially when you are working for long periods which causes the vision to be blurry. The vision gets clearer as soon as you blink or apply rewetting drops. Ask an eye doctor about different contact lens options available if you experience dry eyes.

Make sure that the contact lens is centered on your eye to provide clear vision. As the lens moves around the eye, the vision is blurry especially for those who have astigmatism. You may need to ask your eye doctor to adjust the fit of your contact lens if you feel like your lenses are moving or rotating.

What Should I Do if Blurred Vision Persists?

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It is common for teenagers to experience changes in prescription as well as those who are over the age of 40. Blurred vision may occur as a result of a vision change. Remember that the changes in prescription are not sudden but it is gradual. See an eye doctor if you feel like your vision has changed.

If blurry vision remains after you remove your contacts, it may be an indication of a serious eye health problem such as infection, corneal swelling, inflammation, cataracts, and retinal problems. Contact the eye doctor right away if the blurred vision persists.

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