Can Mascara Stay in Your Eyelid?

At the end of the day, women have a routine of removing their makeup to avoid irritation. Women did not know that mascara can stay in their eyelids. According to Newsweek magazine, a woman in Australia suddenly felt a pain in her eye. She shared that she has been using mascara for 25 years. In those years, she did not have a proper removal that caused follicular conjunctivitis to occur.

It was discovered that the mascara accumulated and hardened under her eyelids. The story of the woman was published in the journal of Ophthalmology and then widely reported. The story emphasized the importance of proper removal of makeup, especially in the eyes.

Can Corneal Abrasion Cause Infection?

can mascara stay in your eyelid

It can be observed that overtime, mascara can form particles that can become dislodged inside the eye. The experience of the woman can be compared to sandpaper scratching the eye. The build-up scratches her cornea and eyeball. Although most mild scratches on the eye heal on their own without causing long-term issues, it is still important to remember that any scratch on the eye can lead to an infection of the cornea.

The scratches on the surface of the eye are called corneal abrasions. Dust, dirt, sand, particles, or the edge of paper can scratch your cornea. If you feel like there is something inside your eye, do not rub it. Rubbing the eyes can worsen the situation as it scratches the eye more. Instead, rinse your eyes gently with a sterile saline solution.

How to Safely Use Eye Make-up

can mascara stay in your eyelid

Make-ups are safe as long as you use and remove them properly. Women are reminded mostly in eye makeup to follow the proper technique for application and maintenance. These are the important make-up tips to follow:

● Do not share your eye makeup with other people even with friends or family.
● Wash your makeup brushes regularly.
● Make sure to replace eye makeup every three months or immediately if you develop an eye infection.
● Always check the expiration dates of the products that you are using. The growth of bacteria and viruses is common in mascara.
● If eye makeup such as mascara gets in your eye, do not rub the eye because it can cause irritation.

If the symptoms are still present, ensure to schedule a visit to an ophthalmologist to get your eyes evaluated as soon as possible.

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