Can Sweat Make My Eye Sting?

People who spend a great time exercising know how much it hurts when drops of sweat from their forehead goes into the eyes. They described this experience that their eyes are burning like hell. There may be times where you feel like your eyes are irritated and just doing fine.

There are few reasons why your eyes sting when you are working out or hanging under the sun. The truth is there is no evidence that sweat can harm our eyes but it is a great choice to avoid that. These are a couple of things that you need to consider:

Hydration is an important thing. Take note that sweat consists of water, salt, protein, ammonia, and other minerals. The salty matter in the sweat can be the reason why your eyes may experience a burning sensation and irritation. To lower the salt load, drink water. If you do not have water on hand, you can take a sports drink for hydration. The sweat will have a lower salt concentration if you are more hydrated which means you will feel less burning.

can sweat make my eye sting

Can Hair and Skin Care Products Harm Your Eyes?

Haircare or skincare has been a part of an individual’s routine. The sweat travels from the scalp, hair, and forehead which means the sweat that gets into your eyes can include some products that you have applied such as gel or face cream.

We all know how necessary it is to use these products for self-care but it can be dangerous because there are ingredients that are harmful to the eyes. Make sure to consider the products that you are using. Pick products that are delicate when you know that the activity will cause you to sweat a lot.

can sweat make my eye sting

How Can I Block Sweat From Getting Into My Eyes?

The ways that you can take to block sweat from getting into your eyes are easy. You can use a sweat headband to help you absorb the sweat before it pours down your face. If you did not block the sweat and it happened to reach your eyes, you can bring your eye drops with you if you feel any pain.

For a quick fix, splash your face and eyes with cool water which can help to rinse the salty sweat out. Make sure to set an appointment with your eye doctor if there is a continuous stinging and burning feeling in your eyes.

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