Causes of White Bumps Under The Eyes

Tiny white bumps under the eyes may look similar to chicken skin under the eyes. These may only be milia or syringomas that are no cause for serious concern. However, it is still important to contact your doctor for any skin growth that does not go away.

Other causes of white bumps under the eyes include the following:


causes of white bumps under the eyes

A stye is a painful, inflamed lump that looks like a pimple. When a hair follicle becomes infected, they form.

Styes treatment options
Styes usually do not require treatment, though providing warm compresses can speed up the healing process.

Some styes, on the other hand, might be extremely painful. The infection has a small chance of spreading. If this occurs, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics. They may also recommend removing the stye in the office.

Warm compresses, on the other hand, can assist reduce swelling and speed up recovery time. Also, because cosmetics can clog pores, those with styes may want to avoid using them, which can aggravate the infection and pain.


causes of white bumps under the eyes

A lump caused by a plugged oil gland is known as a chalazion. A chalazion, unlike a stye, does not imply infection. Chalazia can remain for a long time and can even develop after the styes have gone away.

Styes and chalazia usually cause a single lump. However, a cluster of styes or chalazia can occasionally grow and resemble chicken skin.

The following are some of the differences between styes and chalazia:
● Chalazia is not painful.
● Styes may appear red, although chalazia are usually skin-colored.
● Chalazia can continue for weeks or months, whereas styes typically go away on their own after a few days.

Chalazia treatment options
Warm compresses may help with chalazia. If they do not work, a doctor might suggest draining or removing them through a minor surgery.

A new growth on the eyelid or around the eye might indicate cancer in rare cases. The most common type of skin cancer that affects the eye is basal cell carcinoma.

When bumps appear under the eyes, cancer is the least likely cause, but if a bump expands, bleeds, or does not go away on its own, it is crucial to see a doctor to rule out cancer.

Eyelid cancer treatment options
Eyelid cancer is treatable, especially if caught and treated early by a doctor. The type of cancer determines treatment for eyelid malignancies if it has spread, and other health issues.

If you have any concerns about bumps under your eyes, you should see a doctor right away. You should not pick or pop bumps near your eyes, and you should not apply anything to them unless a doctor recommends it.

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