What Are the Different Lens Tint for Sports Sunglasses?

People who spend most of their time playing sports outdoors are a great candidate for sports sunglasses. There are different available tints for sports sunglasses that depend on the lighting conditions and environment.

The tint for your sunglasses also depends on the sport that you are playing. If you are playing volleyball at the beach, you cannot use the same tint for volleyball and golfing because if you use it for golfing it will be too dark.

Eye care professionals suggest that you should not be afraid in experimenting with lens colors when it comes to sports sunglasses. You may optimize your performance with the help of sports sunglasses.

different lens tint for sports sunglasses

What Is the Perfect Lens Tint According to the Sports You Perform?

A yellow or orange tint is for activities such as cycling, hunting, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, indoor basketball, handball, and tennis. These tints make your vision sharper for both indoors and outdoors but color distortion may occur. It increases contrast even in low-light conditions. A yellow tint gives excellent depth perception.

Amber, rose, or red tint is for cycling, hunting, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and water sports. Take note that amber lenses are for a sandy lake or stream beds. These tints may cause color imbalances but it heightens the contrast in sunny and cloudy conditions.

Gray tint is for watersports, baseball, football, cycling, running, golf in sunny conditions, and beach vacations. This tint reduces the intensity of light without altering the color. It also reduces eye strain when the condition is moderate to bright.

Dark amber, copper, or brown tint is for baseball, cycling, fishing, golfing, hunting, skiing, and water sports. These tints block the high amount of blue light which heightens visual acuity and improves contrast in blue skies and grass.

The green tint is for tennis, baseball, golf, and fashion and leisure. This tint enhances the contrast and preserves the balance of color.

different lens tint for sports sunglasses

Tips Before Choosing a Lens Tint for Sports Sunglasses

An eye exam is a must before purchasing sports sunglasses. In optical shops, they can give you a lot of options to decide on. If you are into different sports, you may consider buying more than one pair with a different lens tint.

You can also consider choosing photochromic lenses if you want a lens that can automatically darken in the presence of sunlight. Your preference is important when choosing a lens tint for your sports sunglasses.

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