Does LASIK Enhance My Performance as an Athlete?

LASIK surgery can be compared to contact lenses because one size does not fit all. Some professional athletes want surgery that can enhance their distance vision. People who read a lot, sew, or other close-up work want a procedure that combines near and distance vision. The activities and vocations of patients are considered because they should be tailored on how they use their vision the most.

An outpatient procedure called LASIK uses a laser to reshape the cornea. With this procedure, how the eye focuses light rays onto the retina at the back of the eye is improved. In order to treat nearsightedness, the LASIK procedure flattens the cornea. While in farsightedness, the LASIK procedure creates a steeper cornea. The procedure shapes an irregular cornea into a more normal shape for people with astigmatism.

There is an increase in the number of professional athletes who undergo LASIK surgery or alternative refractive surgery procedures which can enhance their athletic performance. According to Dr. Waring, most baseball players want to see the threads on the baseball as it approaches them. Professional athletes including NBA star Lebron James, professional golfer Tiger Woods, and gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn have had their LASIK surgeries.

Is the LASIK Procedure the Same for All Sports?

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The choices and options about having LASIK procedures are not different from what everyone else has. According to Dr. Waring, the LASIK procedure options are the same for all sports. Discussing daily activities with an ophthalmologist is important for people who will undergo refractive surgery to plan their treatment. It is important to know that athletes do not have a special LASIK or a different surgery because it goes the same for everyone.

Many athletes and people who spend their time exercising outdoors prefer LASIK surgery to contacts. Eyes of contact wearers can get irritated when there is sweat and get dust from the environment.

Does LASIK Procedure Result in Blended Vision?

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A LASIK procedure that results in blended vision is appropriate for people who spend most of their day at the computer and people who spend their time playing sports and reading. Blended vision allows one eye to focus in a distance while the other eye is focused with close work with phones, computers, tablets, and books. The standard LASIK and blended vision procedures have the same cost and are both safe. Make sure to choose the right refractive goal to ensure that you are getting the best procedure.

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