Does Wearing Glasses Make Eyes Look Smaller?

If you heard from your eye doctor that you will be needing glasses because of refractive error, do not worry. Corrective eyewear will help to clear your vision and give you relief from uncomfortable symptoms including blurry vision and eye fatigue. Prescription lenses might be what you need for you to have a clear vision.

People around you can observe if wearing glasses make your eyes appear to be smaller. Your eyes will not shrink due to glasses, it will just appear to be smaller or larger. You will observe that your eyes look normal when you remove your glasses. If you are concerned about the size of your eyes without glasses, talk to your eye doctor about it.

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Do Nearsighted Glasses Make Your Eyes Appear to Be Smaller?

Being nearsighted means you can see things that are close to you or nearby. You may need corrective lenses for you to be able to see things that are far away. Myopia develops when your cornea bends more than it should which keeps eyes from directing light to go on the retina.

Your eyes appear to be smaller if you are nearsighted because the prescription minimizes the size of the retina. Hyperopia or farsightedness requires a high prescription in magnifying lenses because it aims to improve near vision. Do not worry about the size of your eyes because they will stay the same size even if they look smaller behind the lenses.

Another factor that makes your eyes appear tiny or small is eyeglass frames. Make sure that the frame that you want or choose is perfect for the size and shape of your face. If you wear the right style of glasses, you will have a flattering appearance because it compliments your facial features.

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How to Make Eyes Look More Prominent in Eyewear?

Consider choosing thin frames if you are nearsighted to make your eyes look more balanced behind those lenses. You can enhance the size of your eyes by using makeup. Apply a thin layer of liquid foundation and concealer that is matched to your skin tone. The next step is to apply eye makeup that has a glimmer to give eyes a little extra.

The thickness of eyeliner in your upper lash line should be based on the thickness of your frames. If you have thin frames, make sure that eyeliner is thin too. A white eyeliner in the waterline can bring out your eyes. Makeup will help if you want to make your eyes look bigger behind glasses.

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