Prof. Francesco Bernardini

Hi, I am Dr. Bernardini, Francesco. I am an oculoplastic surgeon. I’m based in Genova, Italy but I do also have offices in Milan and Rome.

Oculoplastic surgery is something that we do as a specialized surgeon. I took my exams, my boards, in the US after 2 years of fellowship.

 After that, I have been practicing in infraorbital periocular surgery and aesthetic medicine. I do reconstruction also of the orbit, lacrimal system, and all sorts of problematic issues that concern the periocular region. So, this is something that I consider very extremely important in my practice as the eyes are one of the most important aspects of the entire face. Its function and aesthetics are closely related.

So, we are here today in my clinic in Genova and we are about to start a full day of surgery including endoscopic facelifting, eyelid blepharoplasty, fat grafting, ptosis surgery, in our scheduled patient today. This is my surgical day.

While in the office, I do also injections, treatments, filler, botox, and something that is relatively new, threads lifting. So, this offers a full spectrum of non-invasive treatments to my patient. That combined with surgery, we’d like to achieve the best results. Some of our signature treatments include endoscopic facelifting which involves the rejuvenation of the upper two-third of the face, everything but the neck. This allows us to achieve a nice and elevated tail of the brows like achieving a fox eye, permanent cat eye, but all very natural as my philosophy is very natural and soft rejuvenation.

I also do like canthopexy and canthoplasty to stretch the corner of the eye, reposition the lower eyelids when they need to. We do lower blepharoplasty. It’s extremely important as it allows to improve the center of the face. I’d say infraorbital treatment with fillers is also another signature treatment. But I do specialize in non-surgical treatment of the entire face, lips, mandible, cheeks, and everything else. So, oculoplastic surgery or oculofacial plastic surgery is nowadays growing as a sub-specialist branch. We do want to offer this to our international patients besides our national patients. My patients come from everywhere already. In Italy, they start to fly in from also abroad.

So, we really need to be on top of the game and we are in a situation here in Genova, where we can accept all our patients, admittable patients, in a beautiful clinic. We do also have international offices in Milan and Rome so everybody who are interested in this field, please feel free to contact us and you’d be welcome to.


Visit also the english website: oculoplasticabernardini




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