Glaucoma Grand Rounds: Interactive Medical and Surgical Cases | 22.04.21 Webinar

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Interactive Medical and Surgical Cases

22 April 2021

4:00 PM to 6:00 PM 

glaucoma grand rounds 220421

Guest Speakers
Kaweh Mansouri
Evangelia Gkaragkani
William Sponsel
Horace Massa (HUG)
Gunda Kann (HUG)
Christian Jonescu (HUG)
André Mermoud (Clinique de Montchoisi)
Hôpitaux universitaires Genève (Team Member, HUG)
Gabriele Thumann (HUG)
Michael Coote
Tarek Shaarawy (HUG)

The HUG comprises six Geneva public hospitals as well as 40 outpatient consultations, covering the whole of the Canton of Geneva.

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