Home Adjustments for People Suffering From Low Vision

Low vision does not mean blindness, it means they have a partial sight that cannot be corrected by surgery, eyeglasses, contact lenses, or medicine. It is caused by age-related eye diseases including glaucoma and macular degeneration.

People who have low vision struggles physically and emotionally. It is hard to maintain their independence in their situation. Having low vision makes it hard for them to perform their daily activities. They rely on their loved ones or caregivers which is the one who looks out for them.

People suffering from low vision are put at risk of falls and issues concerning mental health. To minimize the risk of falls, adjustments should be made around the house which can give comfort and allows you to perform daily activities even with partial sight.

home adjustments for people suffering from low vision

What Are the Simple Adjustments to Be Done Around the Home?

It is important to set the scene. Furniture should be in a small group so there is less distance vision needed when conversing. Do not place any rugs or upholstery that comes with a pattern because it can create visual confusion. When picking furniture, be mindful of the texture because it can give tactile clues for identification.

Many people neglect the color of furniture and displays but it is important for people who are suffering from low vision. Bright colored furniture can help them locate the items around them. There should be a contrasting color so that it is easy to differentiate the doorknobs, door frames, switch plates, and outlets. Making this home adjustment can help in decreasing the risk of missteps and falls.

Bright lighting is helpful for activities such as reading, sewing, and cooking. Do not place mirrors that create a glare. Natural light should go through the windows covering.

In cleaning the area, be cautious about the products that you are using. Do not use wax to clean the floor, use non-glare products. Rugs should be tape down in the area. The pathways should be clear from electrical cords to decrease the risk of injury.

home adjustments for people suffering from low vision

How Technology Plays an Important Role in Helping People With Low Vision

Spotlight Text is an example of a technology-based tool that helps people with low vision to read with greater comfort. Despite the challenges of having low vision, there are ways that you can do to help you in daily life.

Make sure to attend eye checkups because your ophthalmologist will monitor and give treatment accordingly. There may be cases where patients are being referred to as low vision rehabilitation.

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