How Do Fake Lashes Work? A Guide in Wearing False Eyelashes

The use of fake lashes is popular among women because they want to enhance the appearance of their eyes and eyelashes. False eyelashes are a perfect combination with a winged liner when it comes to makeup. Having the perfect fake lashes for your eye comes with a risk.

Some people want to use falsies for a longer time but people are reminded to use them with caution because of the risk involved in wearing false eyelashes. You can protect your eyes and natural lashes by following the proper usage of false eyelashes.

how do fake lashes work

Risks Associated With Wearing False Lashes?

Wearing fake lashes has its danger for your eyes and natural lashes. The common problems of wearing fake eyelashes are eye infection, allergic reactions, damage to natural lashes, and eye injuries. It is important to be aware that there is a potential problem when there is a foreign object that is near your eye.

Eye infection can occur when there are bacteria accumulated on the false eyelash and under the eyelash glue. There is a risk of harmful bacteria and dirt if you drop your eyelash on the floor or any surface before putting it on. You can also get an infection if you did not clean your eyelid after use. Do not share your fake eyelashes with a friend because it causes cross-contamination that can result in stye or conjunctivitis.

You can lose your lashes temporarily or permanently by wearing fake eyelashes. You can damage your hair follicle when you take off your fake lashes. The glue you use to hold fake lashes sometimes causes an allergic reaction because it contains formaldehyde.

how do fake lashes work

Proper Usage of Fake Lashes

  • Make sure to let your eyes rest. Have a gap in wearing fake lashes because the more you wear it, the increased risk you have in eye health issues.
  • It is important to check the ingredients of the eyelash adhesive you are about to buy. Do not hesitate to ask technicians about the adhesives that are perfect for sensitive clients.
  • Never share your fake eyelashes with other people. Make sure that you are wearing your own and new fake eyelashes because wearing someone else’s puts you at risk for infection.
  • Limit the amount of adhesive or glue that you will use.
  • Remove your fake eyelashes gently.
  • Clean your eyelid after removing the lashes.

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