How Much Is the Cost of Prescription Glasses?

There are a lot of people who get jealous of people who wear eyeglasses because it enhances their appearance. The thing that they do not know is it is not fun having prescription glasses. The fun part of buying it is when you are choosing lenses and frames but the not so fun part is the price of it.

The price that you will pay varies from designs and quality. Calvin Klein or Valentino are designer eyeglasses that cost up to $1,000. You can get frames for as low as $8 but it is a metal-alloy version and $600 for counterparts of name-brand.

Not only the frames cost a lot but also lenses because there are different types of the lens according to their purpose. Features including specialty lenses, protective coatings, and bifocal/progressive lenses have an additional cost.

Vision insurance is known to pay for some of your expenses depending on your package. The average total coverage is around $120. Stylish brands will cost you a lot of money but if you are short on budget, it is important for you to get cheap eyeglasses but gives you what you need even if it is out of the brand.

how much is the cost of prescription glasses

What Are the Factors That Contribute to the Cost of Eyeglasses?

The cost of an eyeglass includes the lens to be used, frames, nose pads (if the frame you chose has one), case, and cleaning cloth. The nature of your prescription, personal needs, and preferences can affect the cost.

The lens that costs the least is a single-vision lens while multifocal lenses including bifocals, trifocals, or progressives cost more. The more problematic prescription you have, then you pay higher than usual.

  • Conventional plastic is a low-cost option
  • Aspheric is slim and attractive lenses
  • High-index plastic has thinner and lighter lenses with UV protection
  • Wavefront technology is a vision-sharpening lens
  • Polycarbonate and Trivex is a 10 times impact-resistant that is perfect for kids and athletes

Plastic frames are cheaper than metal ones because of their material. Be aware of the frames you are buying because not all are hypoallergenic.

how much is the cost of prescription glasses

Where Should I Get My Glasses?

The most ideal place to get your glasses is an optometrist’s office because you will be needing an eye exam before purchasing. Vision centers allow you to have a larger selection of eyewear. It is hard to purchase glasses online because you cannot wear them on hand unless you have tried them before.

Knowing all cheap eyeglasses buying options allows you to make a better decision for frames, styles, and types at a manageable price.

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