How to Treat 7 Common Eye Injuries

The following are common eye injuries:

Foreign Object Penetration

Immediately visit the emergency room once a foreign object penetrates your eye and do not attempt to remove it by yourself. Simply tape a paper cup or use an eye shield to protect it; then ask for help.

How to Treat 7 Common Eye Injuries

Corneal Abrasion or Scratched Eye

Corneal abrasions are caused by rubbing a foreign body, like sand or dust, present in the eye, or poking it. This can cause discomfort, redness, and light sensitivity.

It is important to have your eyes checked and seek immediate treatment. Scratches generate eye infection from bacteria and fungi that enter the eye which can lead to blindness.

When you scratch your eye, do not patch nor rub your eye. Bacteria thrive in dark, warm places like a patch. Just close your eyes or tape a paper cup and eye shield loosely on the eye. Immediately see your doctor when an injury occurred.

Swelling of the Eyes

Swollen eyes can happen when the eye is struck by a heavy object. The best first aid for this injury is putting an ice pack on the injured eye. This may also cause a black eye, to be checked for any internal damage.

Chemical Burn in the Eye

The basic composition of the chemical included makes a huge different like:

Acid– make the eye red and burn but can be easily washed out.
Alkali– substances like oven and toilet cleaners and chalk dust causes serious injury yet they don’t cause immediate redness or pain, unlike acids.

In this instance, place your head under a warm tap water steam for 15 minutes. Let it run through your eye and face. Call a doctor right away, explaining the kind of substance that got in your eyes for a proper recommendation.

If your eye is unusually red or blurry, seek emergency room care. You can put a cold compress or an ice pack without rubbing it.

The effects of the injury depend on the substance and its exposure which ranges from minor irritation and redness to severe damage and vision loss.

Orbital Blowout Fractures and Hyphema

Orbital blowout fractures are caused when facial bones surrounding the eye crack or break. Hyphema is bleeding between the space of the cornea and the iris.

Both are severe eye injuries and need emergency treatment. These are caused by intense trauma from getting hit by a blunt object or getting kicked in the face.

How to Treat 7 Common Eye Injuries

Subconjunctival Hemorrhages or Eye Bleeding

Subconjunctival hemorrhage or eye bleeding occurs when one or more blood vessels that lie between the sclera and conjunctiva breaks and the blood leaks. It happens even from a minor eye injury and is quite common.

This requires no treatment and will return to its normal appearance after several weeks. Eye bleeding is painless and does not lead to temporary or permanent blindness.

Traumatic Iritis

Traumatic iritis is the inflammation of the iris after experiencing an eye injury. This is usually caused by poking or blowing a blunt object to the eye. It needs treatment because it can permanently decrease your eye vision.

If you experienced any of these injuries, immediately call your doctor and seek emergency help. All eye injuries must be handled as high risk because we were all given only one pair of eyes

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