Is It Normal to Have Darker Vision in One Eye?

If you have experienced a change in your vision especially without any warning signs, you must contact your eye doctor right away. An optometrist can help to determine what is happening with your eyes or if you have any eye issues. If you are diagnosed with eye issues, an optometrist will help and provide the right treatment for you.

Most of the patients’ concern is regarding darkened vision. The causes differ but as a general reminder, this symptom indicates talk with eye care providers immediately. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), as people age, the colors appear to be more faded and unclear. The reason behind this is the eye lens may change color itself. Age is not the only factor that contributes to color changes in vision.

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Is It Normal to Have Darker Vision in One Eye When Waking Up?

It is not normal to have a darker vision in a single eye when waking up. If you experienced this, it might be an indication of eye stroke or another problem. Let your eye doctor know about this issue. If it is an eye stroke, decreased blood flow to the optic nerve is the one causing the dim vision to occur.

Eye stroke can lead to problems with side vision or give you empty areas in line of sight. Consult your eye doctor immediately if you are experiencing these symptoms including darker vision in the single eye. Additional problems may be reduced if the cause is detected as soon as possible.

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Causes of Dim Vision in Single Eye

If everything seems darker in one eye, it may indicate a serious eye issue. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, glaucoma, optic neuritis, and retinal detachment are eye conditions that can affect how our eyes process colors. The common reason behind dim vision in one eye is complications with the optic nerve, eye diseases, and retinal problems.

When the light comes into our eyes, it should be directed to the retina. The retina is the one responsible for transferring data to the optic nerve which enables us to see visuals with the naked eye. If you have any problems with the optic nerve including optic neuritis, you may experience color saturation problems.

Dim vision usually impacts one eye but there are times where it can affect both. In the case of cataracts, it is common for both eyes. The symptoms can be more noticeable in one eye which makes you feel that the other eye is doing just fine.

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