How Dangerous Toy Guns, Crossbows, and Nerf Darts Are for Your Eyes?

Many people think that since crossbows, nerf darts, and toy guns are toys, it is safe. Even if it is a toy and they shoot out soft darts, it does not mean that they are safe. Eye injuries can occur from these toys which can cause blurred vision and pain.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it is not safe to use projectile toys. Adults should be aware of how dangerous some toys can be, especially projectile ones. They need to make sure that their little ones play with the best and safest model of toys because we do not want any eye injuries later on.

Besides the Nerf brand, an off-brand dart can be even harder which can cause more damage to the eye. With the use of dart guns, serious eye injuries can occur. It is possible to have eye scrapes, bleeding, increased eye pressure, or permanent vision loss.

More than a quarter-million toy-related injuries are treated in the emergency room in 2018 per United States’ Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 2019 report.

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Is It Possible to Lose an Eye With Projectile Toys?

With the speed and impact of projectile-firing toys, it can cause serious eye damage and possibly lose an eye. Crossbows toys can shoot arrows nearly 150 feet which means the impact of a close-range can cause eye damage even if the arrows are foam and plastic.

The usual injuries associated with plastic projectiles are corneal abrasion. It will heal but it will leave a scar that can affect your vision permanently.

Both children and adults should use ballistic goggles when dealing with paintballs or pellet guns because most eye injuries were caused by these types of toys.

nerf darts eyes

Guidelines About Projectile Toys

Be aware of how unsafe projectile toys are. If you want to buy these kinds of toys for your child, do not leave them alone while playing. It is important to supervise them. Read the warnings of manufacturers and the age guidelines. Do not allow children under the age limitations to using the toys because doing so may cause problems.

Eye safety should be a priority. Teach children not to aim at anyone’s face or eyes because it can cause serious damage and pain. To avoid eye injuries, eye protection such as protective goggles must be worn when playing to block any objects that can hit the eyes.

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