Australian scientist discovers genetic mutation and syndrome that can send whole families blind. | Eyes Reveal Early Alzheimer’s Disease | 17.04.19

April 19, 2019 Newsletter

1. Australian scientist discovers genetic mutation and syndrome that can send whole families blind. An Australian scientist has uncovered a previously unknown condition of a gene mutation that can cause blindness in entire families. It began when Sydney mum Beth White began seeing Professor Jamieson for her retinal disease in 2004. → Link

2. Allergies or Pink Eye: Here’s How to Tell the Difference. Red, itchy eyes are a tell-tale sign of either allergies or pink eye, which can be disconcerting when you’re trying to find the proper remedy to ease the irritation. But before you hit up the pharmacy or schedule a doctor visit, take a look at this guide to help you distinguish the difference between allergies or pink eye. (In the picture above, the left photo shows pink eye and the right one exhibits eye allergies.) → Link

3. Active substance from plant slows down aggressive eye cancer. An active substance that has been known for 30 years could unexpectedly turn into a ray of hope against eye tumors. This is shown by a new study. The plant leaves of which contain the tested substance is anything but rare: At Christmas time you can find it in every well-assorted garden center. → Link

4. What causes a red spot on the eye? A red spot on the eye may look worrying, but it is rarely a medical emergency. Usually, a red spot on the eye occurs when blood collects under the conjunctiva due to a subconjunctival hemorrhage. → Link

5. 5 Expert Tips for Younger-Looking Eyes. From massage to eye cream, this what you need to add to your routine. When it comes to eye care, prevention is key. But how do you keep your eye area lovely in your 30s, 40s, 50s, and every decade beyond? (For starters, eye cream.) → Link

6. This New Startup Wants to Bring Eye Care to the Forefront of Wellness Culture. As the world of wellness widens, it’s become a head-to-toe approach: We’re all putting CBD in our coffee, practicing meditation, and seeking more holistic medical treatment. So why don’t we pay more attention to our eyeballs? Kyly Zak Rabin and her dad, optometrist Dr. Myles Zakheim, wondered exactly that. → Link

7. How light therapy might help premature babies avoid vision problems. Scientists discovered a light-dependent molecular pathway that regulates how blood vessels develop in the eye. The findings in Nature Cell Biology suggest it may be possible to use light therapy to help premature infants whose eyes are still developing avoid vision problems, according to researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. → Link

8. Dementia symptoms: Sign in the eyes proven to identify early stages of condition. DEMENTIA is a neurodegenerative condition associated with an ongoing decline of brain functioning. There’s currently no cure, but in a new study, scientists have discovered a certain change in the eyes, which can be detected by a simple eye test, can identify dementia in its early stages. → Link

9. Being with your spouse calms you down instantly, eye study reveals. The eyes are the window on the soul, as the old saying has it, and it turns out they reveal something fascinating in the presence of our soulmates (or at least our spouses). → Link

10. Eyes reveal early Alzheimer’s disease. Reduced blood capillaries in the back of the eye may be a new, noninvasive way to diagnose early cognitive impairment, the precursor to Alzheimer’s disease in which individuals become forgetful, reports a newly published Northwestern Medicine study. → Link