Observation Test | Tell Me What You See First and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

This observation test will lead you to discover a side of your character that you may not know very well because it has remained hidden due to your insecurities. 

Surrealist paintings are able to combine many different elements to create fascinating optical illusions that affect people in different ways, depending on their character and their ability to observe.

For this reason, surrealist paintings are very often used to carry out personality tests.

To properly perform this test, you will need to observe the image for a few moments, then record which element you noticed first. Some people notice more than one element at the same time. In that case, you will have to read the test results corresponding to each of the various elements you noticed.


Observation Test

observation test

1 – The flute player

The flute player takes center stage and is dressed in white. For this reason, it is probably the element of the painting that is most easily noticed.

observation test

If the flute player was the first thing you noticed, it means that you are a straightforward person who loves to immediately go to the point of the situation to understand things in their essence.

You are a discreet observer, but sometimes the details and subtleties of speeches as well as situations escape you. One of the situations in which you may find yourself more often is to meet a person who has a soft spot for you and does not understand it because his/her signals do not reach their destination. 

The side of your personality that does not often emerge is the inability to look at things from another point of view: you are often so convinced and so sure of your opinions that you cannot put yourself in the shoes of others.


2 – The woman with the flower crown

In the intentions of the author, this painting probably portrays a love scene. The recipient of the serenade that the player is performing is perhaps the woman behind him, who observes him with interest but who gives him her back.

observation test

If the woman is the first element you noticed in this picture, it means that you have an excellent spirit of observation and that the secondary aspects of things arouse your interest. That is those to which many individuals do not grant the right amount of attention.

After identifying the woman sitting on the rock, you probably felt a sense of empathy towards her, since despite being one of the protagonists of the picture, she is certainly put on the sidelines.

This indicates that the hidden side of your character is a certain resentment towards people who do not let you shine as you would like. But you are probably also a timid person who prefers to stay on the sidelines rather than take center stage.

A tip: try to overcome your limits and your insecurities and try to show yourself a little. You will certainly be happy to get some attention, and you will feel much more confident.


3 – The Face of the Tree

The shape of the large tree on the right seems to have, apparently, the sole purpose of framing the central scene. However, this means that most people do not notice the face hidden in its roots. It is a wrinkled face, similar to that of an old man with a frown.

If you have noticed this interesting detail, it means that you have a spirit of observation outside the norm, especially if you saw the face first.

Suppose you noticed the face later but saw it anyway. In that case, it does not mean that your attention threshold is low: the whole composition is in fact constructed in such a way as to concentrate the observer’s gaze in the central area of the painting, distracting it from dark areas. The face of the tree is located right in the center of one of the darkest areas of the picture, and for this reason, it is challenging to identify.

If you have seen the face of the tree, it means that the less visible side of your character is a kind of pessimism, which you most likely tend to show as little as possible so as not to “burden” your emotionality and that of others.


4 – The Transparent Man’s Face

The primary optical illusion present in this painting consists in the fact that all the elements represented are organized in such a way as to form a large male face placed between quarters and turned to the left of the observer.

In particular, the woman’s back and leg make up his nose, while the shadow area behind the woman and that between the woman’s face and that of the man make up her eyes. The crack in the boulder on which the woman is seated represents the cut of the mouth, and finally, the shape of the head is defined by the trunks of the trees on the sides of the painting.

If you have noticed first of all the shape of the “transparent” man’s face. In that case, it means that you can look at things as a whole, simultaneously grasping the fundamental elements of a situation, the secondary details, and the relationships between all the elements you have in front of you.

One side of your personality that you try not to show much is the dreamer at all costs. You often get lost in your thoughts and fantasies, and you could spend hours fantasizing about projects you will never realize. Try to express this side of your personality a little more. After all, it is the dreamers who have changed the world!

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