How Do You Use Performance Sunglasses?

There is such a thing called performance sunglasses and it is commonly used by people who spend most of their time working outdoors. For any sport or outdoor activity, you may need protection to increase performance.

Vision is important in performance because it allows you to step up your game with the use of sports sunglasses. Some sports sunglasses can be used for mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, golfing, or any sport or activity. Using this can make you comfortable and give clarity to your vision.

Some manufacturers created innovative sports sunglasses for optimal vision even in extreme conditions. It can be for casual and competitive athletes.

performance sunglasses

What Are the Lenses Available for Performance Sports Sunglasses?

As we know that the important feature of performance sunglasses is a visual enhancement, there are different lens tints available that have specific advantages. Getting a tint that is specified for your outdoor activity is an excellent choice.

If you are snow skiing, amber tints are perfect for you because they enhance contrast. Rose lens tint can be recommended for golfers because it enables them to see the ball better on the course with enhanced contrast. If you want a reduced brightness that does not alter your color perception, go with gray lenses.

In high-performance sunglasses, polycarbonate lenses are the best choice because they are lightweight and impact-resistance than other lenses. Polarized lenses are recommended for sports or activity that involves water, sun, sand, or snow because it can reduce the glare of the reflected light on surfaces.

Polarized lenses have their restrictions. It is not advised for downhill and mogul skiing because it makes it difficult to see. Glass lenses have the best optical quality but they are not for active sports. The material of glass lenses is heavy and not impact resistant.

Make sure that you have an anti-reflective coating in your lens in your sports sunglasses to eliminate the glare that is reflecting at the back of your lenses.

performance sunglasses

What Are the Types of Performance Sunglasses?

Sports-specific performance sunglasses have a variety of frame and lens combinations that are available according to the specific activity that you want. Multi-purpose sunglasses have interchangeable lenses that have different tints for specific activities and lighting conditions.

Visit your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam before buying performance sports sunglasses. You may ask for recommendations in sports sunglasses for the sport or activity that you perform.

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