What to Do About the Reflections Present in Eyeglasses Lenses?

If you wear eyeglasses, you probably notice the reflections present. Not only you but also the people who stare at your eyeglass which impedes eye contact because they find it distracting.

People are not aware of why these reflections are present in their lens. Reflections happen because of the different light rays that shine in your lenses. It is usual when driving at night because of the headlights, traffic lights, and streetlamps.

Light comes from different angles and when it hits the lens of eyeglass, it causes reflections or glare. These reflections can be dangerous because it gives you a blurred vision and makes it difficult for you to focus while driving which can lead to an accident. There are instances that it is bothersome to the point that you want to remove your glasses entirely but it is not a good solution.

Eyes are very sensitive when it comes to light, mostly to glare and bright reflections. Ask your eye doctor about what he/she can do about the reflections because there are coatings that can help to reduce reflections on eyeglasses.

reflections present in eyeglasses lenses

What Is the Solution to Reduce the Reflections on Eyeglasses?

The usual solution when you are experiencing reflections is to move your head or adjust your position to avoid it. The most simple solution that you can do to eliminate reflection is to add a lens costing to your lenses.

There are available lens coatings such as Crizal Drive to reduce reflections while driving. When you have this coating, you are more comfortable to drive and you get a decreased sensation of glare that makes you safe behind the wheel.

It has been proven that Crizal Drive can reduce up to 90% of reflections than standard lenses with no coating. This type of coating not just reduces reflections but also protects lenses from smudges, scratches, and water.

reflections present in eyeglasses lenses

What Is the Effect of Using Crizal Drive?

Crizal drive makes your night driving different than usual because it addresses your problems when it comes to the reflections made by different light sources. It also gives you complete protection for vision.

You can combine lens coatings like Crizal Drive with other different lens types. If you have high-index lenses, it is perfect for you to have this type of lens coating because high-index lenses reflect more light than the regular ones.

If you want a clearer and a lens that looks almost invisible, you might want to ask your eye doctor about Crizal lens coatings.

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