Tips to Safely Apply Makeup Around the Eyes

On a special occasion, women want to apply makeup and cosmetics around the eye to complete their look. It is important to know the basic steps to protect your eyes while using makeup. If you have an eye condition, make sure to consult your doctor before using any products.

These are the eye makeup safety tips that you can follow:

● Only use cosmetics that are designed to use around your eyes. Make sure to read labels to know if they contain any untested or harsh chemicals.
● Buy new products and throw away eye makeup after three months. Bacteria that cause infection grow easily in liquid or creamy eye makeup.
● If you develop an eye infection such as pink eyes, throw away all of your eye makeup as soon as possible. Refrain from using eye makeup until there is no infection.
● Makeup is a personal thing. Therefore, you should never share your eye makeup with anyone even if it is your close friend or family.
● Be careful in using sample makeup because it has been contaminated by multiple users. Only use fresh applicators.
● Do not apply makeup in a moving vehicle. You can poke your eye which can result in eye irritation.

What Should I Do if I Develop an Allergic Reaction to Makeup?

Tips to Safely Apply Makeup Around the Eyes

You need to be careful in using eye makeup. Make sure to introduce only one product at a time especially if you develop allergic reactions easily. It may be confusing to trace the cause of infection if you add another new product. Wait until you know how you react to the first product. Consult with your doctor because he or she may know what is causing the reactions.

Be careful in using metallic, glitter, or sparkle powder because it can irritate your eyes if a flake falls into your eye. A common cause of corneal irritation or infection is glitter eye makeup. The feeling is similar when you get sand in your eye.

How to Safely Remove Eye Makeup

Tips to Safely Apply Makeup Around the Eyes

● You can use Vaseline in removing makeup. It is known to be a very effective makeup remover that can help in sliding off the makeup without tugging and pulling.
● You can use baby shampoo when you are washing eyelids and the area around the eyes. If you are prone to styes, chalazion, and blepharitis, tear-free soaps are recommended to use.
● Avoid getting the eye makeup remover in your eyes.
● Do not use exfoliating scrubs around your eyes because they can irritate and scratch your eyes.

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