How Transition Lenses Can Help in Eye Health?

As time passes by, more technology development goes advanced. The advances that are made in the optical aspect are transition lenses. It is a type of lens that allows the adaptation to the changing light conditions.

For example, you come out from a covered area to an open area where bright sunlight shines on you. With transition lenses, lenses can go from a clear lens to a tinted lens which depends on how bright the sun outside is. You can protect eye health with a transition lens because of the protection and comfort it provides you.

When you are exposed to light, the transition lens is tinted and it returns clear when you are in a covered area or inside. The photochromic molecules in the lens allow the darkening of the lens automatically because of the technology.

The molecule is present when you are exposed to an amount of light, under the sunshine, clouds, or indoors. The popular type of transition lens reacts to UV light but transition XTRActive responds to natural light.

Not all people are aware that transition lenses are affected by temperature. Lenses react by giving a suitable level of protection under the shade of a sunny day.

transition lenses

What Are the Ways to Protect Eyes From Uv Light?

It is important to protect our eyes from the overexposure of UV light because it is the leading cause of developing eye condition. UV rays pass through the cornea and to the retina. If we can protect our eyes from too much exposure, we can prevent the risk of premature aging and eye diseases such as cataracts and photokeratitis.

Transition lenses are the answer to protect your eyes from UV light which can be used all the time. The transition lenses have a photochromic technology that can block 100% of UVA and UVB light.

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How Can We Get Comfortable From Light Sensitivity and Glare?

If you suffer from photophobia, a condition of being sensitive to light, headaches, discomfort, eye pain, or blurred vision can occur. You can treat light sensitivity by protecting your eyes from the light. Transition lenses help you to mediate the light that enters your eyes. Tinted lenses and protection to block UV light are helpful if you have photophobia.

Glare gives you an uncomfortable and blinding feeling. When transition lenses darken when it is exposed to light, the glare is reduced which gives you optimal visual comfort.

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