What Is the Vision Development That Occurs in Newborn to 12 Months?

In the first year of life, a newborn undergoes so many changes in their vision. A pediatrician checks the vision of your infant during your visit. The vision of your baby must follow the vision development of the infant.

As a parent, you will be needing to know what to expect on the visual development of your infant. Be aware that the vision of your baby develops very quickly.

Newborns are very sensitive to bright light because they are still adjusting to the light. The pupils of an infant are small which allows only limited light to enter their eyes. You can notice how a newborn baby can use their peripheral vision when there is an object beside them. The central vision is not yet fully developed.

In a couple of weeks, the retina develops and the pupils widen which allows them to see light and dark ranges and patterns. They also start to look at large shapes and bright colors. If you place an object in front of them, they begin to focus.

The focus of your baby during 1 month is brief and they prefer objects that are close to them and bright colored. In 2 months, there are times where babies’ eyes do not coordinate with each other which may appear to be crossed. This vision development is normal and will correct on its own. Talk with your pediatrician when one of the eyes turns in or outward away from the nose.

vision development in newborn to 12 months

What Are the Important Vision Developments That Occur During 3 Months to 12 Months of Life?

The time that your baby’s eyes will work together by focusing and tracking objects will happen when they reach 3 months old. If you do not see this development, talk to your pediatrician about it.

The depth perception has fully developed at around 5 months old. They also developed a good color vision but not yet fully developed. Eye-hand coordination is enhanced at around 8 months old. At 10 months old, babies can see even at a great distance.

vision development in newborn to 12 months

What Are the Steps to Make Sure That Vision Develops Properly?

It is important to detect any eye problems as early as possible so they can get proper correction or treatment. Any vision problem can hinder their development. Make sure that your infant undergoes eye screenings. Talk to your pediatrician for recommendations to help your baby develop their vision.

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