What Is an Anti-fog Lens?

The struggle is real for people who use a face mask or who come in and out from a cold condition to hot which makes their eyeglass lenses foggy. Face masks are required every time we go out because of the pandemic that we are facing.

Over the last few months, the spread of coronavirus has been prevalent and the use of face masks has been a safety precaution. When your lens is fogged up, it can put you in great danger because you are not able to see clearly because of the fog.

Injuries associated with fall or tripping because of fogged up lenses can be prevented with the help of an anti-fog lens. It will help numerous people who are using eyeglasses mostly when they are wearing face masks.

anti-fog lens

What Is the Solution to a Foggy Lens?

Many people who used eyeglasses have experienced steamed up glasses when walking into a warm temperature room after being in a cold room. Some people remove their glasses so they will not feel annoyed, disturbed, and frustrated with it.

Optifog is a solution to the inconvenience caused by glasses that mists up. It is a unique system that prevents lenses from fogging up when you are wearing a face mask. Since it is essential to wear a face mask, optifog is helpful for everyday tasks.

anti-fog lens

The Benefits of Anti-mist Lens Coating

Optifog is composed of two solutions from patented technologies which are an anti-fog layer and a smart cloth. The special layer that stops glasses from fogging up is automatically in the lens itself. The cloth has anti-fog molecules that help in activating the layer of the lens. The purpose of smart cloth is to activate and clean the lens at the same time.

People are confused about how to use this optifog. Before your day starts, you will clean the lens with the smart cloth so you can be fog-free all day. Every two weeks, wash your lens with water for clearer vision. Talk to your optician about your smart cloth because it is recommended to be changed every three months.

Optifog lenses offer numerous benefits and it is not limited to a fog-free benefit only. It provides you a scratch-resistant lens and dust repellent. It also aids your protection from UVA and UVB rays that can damage your eyes.

If you want to avail this optifog lens, talk to your optician about it.

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