What to Do With Ripped Contact Lenses?

It is inevitable for contact lens users to have ripped contact lenses. You will arrive at a point in your life where you will accidentally rip a contact lens no matter how careful you are. If you have a ripped contact lens on your hands, the first thing to do is throw them away. Never wear a torn contact lens as ophthalmologists emphasize.

Many people will say that it feels the same and fine as they wear them. It is not a good idea to wear a ripped contact lens. Make sure to throw them and purchase a new one. As you buy a new lens, inspect the surfaces. They should be free from any rips or jagged edges. You can wear your glasses if you do not have any extra lenses with you.

What Are the Risks of Wearing Ripped Lenses?

what to do with ripped contact lenses

A torn contact lens will not function as well as the new ones. The rip will prevent the lens from maintaining the specific curve of your eye which makes it not a good fit for your eye. It will also be less likely to stay at the center of the eye. Frequent movement of contacts away from the middle of the eye will cause blurry vision.

It is important to remember that a torn contact lens is dangerous because of the jagged edge that can scratch your cornea. There is a possibility that a contact lens will get trapped beneath the eyelid which is hard to deal with and very irritating. You do not want to experience all the hassle, so it is a better idea to just take it out and throw it.

How Can I Prevent Future Rips in Contact Lens?

what to do with ripped contact lenses

Once you have experienced dealing with a ripped contact lens, you do not want the same thing to occur again. These are some things that you can follow which can reduce the likelihood of ripping a contact lens:

● Inspect contact lenses before putting them in your eyes. Check for any rips, chips, or jagged edges. Do not hesitate to throw the lens away if you see any issues.
● Be gentle in handling your contact lens. As you clean your contact lens, do not rub harshly because it could rip them off.
● If your contact lens accidentally folds over when you take them out, unfold them in your contact lens case with a solution to avoid tearing it in the process.
● If you have dry eyes, apply a rewetting solution before taking them out. Contact lenses are prone to ripping when it is dry.
● Do not rub your eyes when you are wearing contact lenses. The chances of ripping them are high when you rub your eyes while wearing them.
● Make sure that your fingernails are neat and trimmed because long fingernails can rip your contact lens.

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