When Should You Resume Physical Activities After Eye Surgery or Injury?

It is natural to be concerned about how eye surgery or a vision problem will affect your workout program. While staying active is crucial, some forms of exercise may cause more harm than good.

Here are some general principles that may be useful to you, but remember to check with your ophthalmologist before returning to any activity.

Cataracts and Physical Activities

when should you resume physical activities after eye surgery

A cataract will not worsen with exercise. However, it can make it difficult to exercise or play sports safely. You can resume your typical physical activities if your cataract does not impair your eyesight.

Getting back into shape after cataract surgery
Cataract surgery is a procedure that removes the clouded lens that is obstructing your eyesight. Following the surgery, there are a few activities that must be avoided to promote a smooth recovery, including:
There will be no swimming. Water can irritate or cause infection in the eyes. Swimming (in any sort of water) may be limited for up to 4 weeks after surgery to safeguard the eye.
There will be no intense exercise. Significant increases in heart rate can cause an increase in ocular pressure, which can obstruct eye healing.
● Lifting weights or other heavy objects should be avoided.
● If you are doing yoga, do not put your head below your waist.

Soon after surgery, light exercises such as walking may be permitted. Because your eye will be extremely sensitive to light, make sure to use wraparound shades. Sunglasses also protect the eyes from dust and other irritants. When you can resume more rigorous exercise, your surgeon will be able to advise you.

Following a posterior capsulotomy, exercise restrictions are imposed.
After cataract surgery, it is normal to require this laser operation to clear vision. After a posterior capsulotomy, there are usually no restrictions on exercise but check with your surgeon to be sure.

Exercise and Eye Injuries

when should you resume physical activities after eye surgery

Before starting any exercise after an eye injury, consult your ophthalmologist. The eye is more sensitive to subsequent damage and infection after injuries such as corneal laceration, corneal ulcer, or globe rupture. While you are getting back on your feet:
● To allow the eye to heal, avoid all exercise, especially contact sports.
● Swimming is not a safe activity. Acanthamoeba, a deadly bacteria, can enter your eye through a hole in the cornea.

If you see new floaters, flashes of light, or other abnormalities in your vision, make an appointment with your ophthalmologist at once.

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