White Chicken Skin-like Bumps Under the Eyes

White lumps under the eyes are usually harmless and will disappear on their own. However, anyone who is concerned about their look or health should consult a physician.

Although bumps and lumps under the eyes are common, they can raise concerns about cancer, a serious infection, or a condition that could cause the eye to disfigure.


white chicken skin-like bumps under the eyes

Milia are tiny, non-harmful cysts formed when keratin, a protein found in the skin, becomes trapped underneath the surface. Milia can appear flat or whitehead-like, and they frequently appear in rows.

Milia can lead to skin injury or infection if they are popped. Milia usually fade away on their own and nearly never indicate a major health problem. However, Milia can also emerge after a skin injury or when you start taking a new medicine.

Milia treatment options
Milia are non-toxic and do not need to be treated. Some people, however, dislike the sight of these pimples and may seek treatment to remove them.

Milia might fade away on their own or become better if a person quits taking the drug that caused them to appear.

If milia persist, there are a few other treatment options:
● topical lotions to aid in skin exfoliation
● Warm compresses to open up the milia and bring them to the surface
● laser therapy
● drainage and removal through surgery


white chicken skin-like bumps under the eyes

A syringoma is a benign tumor found in the sweat gland. They come in a variety of colors, including white, yellow, skin-toned, pink, and brown, and they frequently appear in clusters beneath the eyes or on the cheeks.

Usually, syringomas do not cause pain. These are mostly found in women than in men. They can grow larger or form enormous clusters at times, but they are otherwise harmless. Syringomas can manifest themselves in any part of the body. Some people, for instance, notice them around their genitals.

Syringoma treatment options
Syringomas, like milia, are entirely harmless and do not require treatment. Some people, on the other hand, may want treatment to make them vanish for cosmetic reasons.

Treatment options for syringoma include:
● laser therapy
● minor surgery
● dermabrasion

Although these are commonly harmless, it is still important to contact your doctor if white bumps under the eyes do not go away. In addition, other causes of white bumps under the eyes, such as styes, chalazia, and eye cancer may need immediate medical attention.

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