Why Can’t I See Things Closely With My Eyeglasses?

If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses most of the time, it helps you to see things. Some people are nearsighted or myopic that need reading glasses at the time of K-12 schooling. It is not an unusual occurrence for you to notice that you can not see things closely with eyeglasses on or contacts on.

Needing glasses is a problem but it is a worse problem when you can not see well up close. Near vision is where our eyes are good at. Some people can still read things up close even if they lift their glasses. It is hard to ignore if you cannot have a clear vision with eyeglasses on.

why can't i see things closely with my eyeglasses

Why You Cannot See Things Closely With Eyeglasses

All humans are bound to experience this as they age. It is a normal occurrence to be myopic and become presbyopic when you reach middle age. Every year, the lens inside our eyes gets new layers. The natural lens in our eyes hardens with age which means you will be needing to use reading glasses or bifocals.

The flexibility of our lens plays a role in how our eyes work because it takes less focusing power when looking from a far distance than it does when looking at things up close. Being at a young age, you have a flexible lens that allows you to look across a field and the book at your hand.

The natural lens that we have will autofocus and give the exact number of diopters that we need to see the book. If the lens is stiff and stuck in the distance, the autofocus does not work anymore which happens between age 42 and 48. Be reminded that it can happen earlier but it does not mean that your eyes are less healthy.

why can't i see things closely with my eyeglasses

What Should I Do When I Can’t See Things Up Close With Eyeglasses?

Remember to always get a correct prescription because it can help you in seeing distance and near with eyeglasses on. There is no way that you can get to see distance and near with the same prescription.

If you cannot see things up close with eyeglasses on, you may need to take off your glasses to read or get a bifocals. LASIK is an available option to ease difficulty with reading but there are qualifications. With the help of LASIK, you will not be needing glasses for near and far. Visit your ophthalmologist to know if you are a candidate.

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