Why Do I Have Colored Rings Around The Iris?

There may be instances where you look at the mirror and notice that your eyes do not have the same color. You can see two different colors in one of your eyes. Be reminded that people’s eye color is unique. Your iris or the colored part of the eye will appear lighter if you have a white or bluish-grey ring around your cornea. The majority of the people do not have multicolored eyes.

Arcus senilis is the ring around the edge of the cornea. The cornea is clear which makes it possible for the color of the iris beneath to show through. The ring makes it look like your iris has two different colors, but the truth is it is a discoloration in the cornea. Arcus senilis in older adults is usually nothing to worry about. Arcus senilis in children and young adults may indicate a sign of health issues that need to be addressed such as high cholesterol. Make sure to visit your ophthalmologist for a proper diagnosis.

Observe your eyes. If you notice a whitish cast over your eye, it is not a sign of arcus senilis. It can be a symptom of a cataract. Visit an eye doctor to know what it is about.

Does Having Multicolored Eyes a Sign of Disease?

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Having multicolored eyes has many different reasons. If you are one of the people who have them, you do not have to worry about them. They usually do not indicate anything that you should be concerned about such as disease. It is normal for people to be confused with normal color variations in the iris or the color differences between colored rings in the iris. Be reminded that these two are different things. If you experience a sudden and obvious change in eye color and not just a ring around the cornea, you should see an ophthalmologist for an eye exam immediately. It could be a sign of a serious problem.

Does Heterochromia Cause Rings Around the Iris?

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There may be instances where people can confuse eye color in the iris with the arcus senilis ring in the cornea. Heterochromia is when the iris have a different color in the same or the other eye. It is important to know the differences because it is not the same as having a bluish or white grey ring in the cornea. Heterochromia does not cause rings around the iris. Rather, it causes a portion of the iris to have a different color from the rest of the eyes.

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