Why Is Eye Contact Important in Conversations?

Eye contact plays an important role in communication with other people. We can observe that we use it as a level of communication because eye contact is a form of body language. They say that our eyes are our window to the soul and heart. People can detect when someone is lying because there are instances that they avoid direct eye contact when they are hiding something.

There are numerous studies suggesting that nonverbal cues that our eyes give affect our behavior toward people. Maintaining good eye contact is important when you are delivering a speech because it is necessary to establish a connection with your audience. You should be aware that keeping eye contact with the person who is talking says that you are interested and listening to what he/ she is saying.

why is eye contact important in conversations

How Eye Contact Makes Us Feel Good

Communicating using our eyes can make a difference most when it comes to love. Prolonged eye contact is known to cause attraction because eye contact is a powerful stimulator of affection. There is a study that is published in the Journal of Research and Personality which tested strangers to gaze at each other. The study suggested that two minutes of eye contact is enough to produce feelings.

Phenylethylamine is a chemical that is responsible for feelings of attraction which has been thought to be released when there is prolonged eye contact. Oxytocin is a love chemical that has also been thought to be released. Looking at each other’s eyes can be a sign of love.

why is eye contact important in conversations

The Role of Eye Contact in Human Connection

Scientists from UChicago’s Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology and the University of Geneva analyzed in their study the visual pattern of college students when it comes to viewing photos of attractive people. The study showed that people focus on the faces that give a feeling of romantic love.

It is mentioned that the more dilated your pupils are, the more attractive you seem. The results from the study conducted by Edinburg University showed that women find enlarged pupils of men more appealing when they are in the fertile part of the cycle.

The role of eye contact in human connection plays an important role. We may not be aware that we communicate using our eyes but we do. We reveal thoughts and feelings through our eyes. Our eyes are indeed the window to what we are feeling.

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