4 Best Tips to Make Your Eyes Look 10 Years Younger

4 Best Tips to Make Your Eyes Look 10 Years Younger

If there is a part that is usually left out on skincare routines, that is probably the periorbital area. Your eyes need care too! From eye massages to eye cream, these are exactly what you need.

Eye care demands prevention. It is almost no turning back when you neglect to care for your eyes. So, how should you care for your eye area? Let us begin with the most basic. For a start, eye creams can save you up to your 30s, 40s, 50s, and every decade beyond.

Beauty experts are often asked similar questions pointing to the same idea. Do I have to use eye cream? What skincare routine should I follow? Should I use eye cream in the morning and at night?

Here are 4 best tips on keeping your eye area younger-looking despite your age.

1. Never Skip Eye Cream in the Morning AND at Night

Our skin around the eyes is one of the most fragile parts of our body which is why it is more vulnerable to dryness and aging. The eye area is the earliest one to show appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. Eye cream helps fight these issues.

For lifted, youthful, and non-puffy eyes, it is essential to apply eye cream morning and night. In choosing eye creams, look for ones with delicate ingredients that will not harm the thin skin around the eyes. Ingredients like iris extract are said to be effective in treating aging signs around the eyes.

2. Limit Screen Time on Your Phone

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The eye strain associated with excessive exposure to your phone screen can cause appearances of an older look around the eyes. Make sure to grab some rest from time to time away from your phone, TV, laptop, and computers. The benefit of a complete sleep at night and a time-out from blue light is unbelievably helpful in renewing and repairing your cells while letting the eye cream work its wonders.

3. Massage Your Face

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On top of a good night’s sleep and a skincare routine, pamper yourself more with a massage. Giving your face a massage promotes oxygen and blood flow in your skin. It reduces puffiness, creates glowing skin, and increases collagen production which prevents wrinkles.

Facial massage tools can be used around the eyebrow area for a lifting effect and the eye area for reduced dark circles. Follow a morning routine of facial massage to also help boost your energy as you start your day.

4. Use Face Masks

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Even DIY face masks such as sliced cucumber, chamomile tea bags, or honey masks can do wonders in brightening, calming, and hydrating your skin especially when applied directly on the eyelids.

This is also a very good practice when traveling since the air conditioning on planes can easily dehydrate the skin. In applying masks, don’t forget to include your eye area as this is often forgotten in most cases. For a better experience, apply an eye cream before starting off with your face mask.

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