Ocular Rosacea
Ocular rosacea is associated with a common inflammatory disease that affects the skin around the face, chest, as well as the eyes. The condition may be linked with inherited and environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure. Rosacea affects more women than men. Recent studies imply that 6-18% of people...
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ophthalmoplegia in old age

Ophthalmoplegia: Paralysis or Weakness of the Eye Muscles

Have you ever felt paralysis or weakness of eye muscles? A condition called ophthalmoplegia refers to the paralysis or weakness of the eye muscles which can affect one or more...
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New Eye Drops to Treat Severe Dry Eyes Disease

New Eye Drops to Treat Severe Dry Eyes Disease

A recent study involves a novel enzyme-based cure for severe dry eye disease. The clinical trial has shown a notable improvement in decreased discomfort in patients suffering from severe dry...
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Important Eye Antioxidants

Important Eye Antioxidants

To keep eyes and body healthy, intake of antioxidants such as vitamin C and bioflavonoids are recommended. Fruits that are high in vitamin C such as citrus are known to...
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how fish oil can help in dry eyes

How Fish Oil Can Help in Dry Eyes?

Tears act as lubrication in our eyes which helps us to see clearly. It also helps in clearing away the debris. If lubrication is not present, eyes are red, scratchy,...
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things you should not do before getting lasik

What Are the Things You Should Not Do Before Getting Lasik?

Before getting a LASIK procedure, you are given by your eye surgeon advice that you need to follow for you to have a safe procedure. During pre-op calls, you may...
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Tips For Finding The Best LASIK Surgeon 1

Tips For Finding The Best LASIK Surgeon

Here You Can Find: Credentials Experience Referral Price Staff Once you have decided to have a vision correction procedure such as LASIK, the next important thing to do is to...
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pterygium and lasik

Can Having Pterygium Be a Problem in Getting LASIK Procedure?

Not all people are familiar with what a pterygium is. For individuals who heard that they have a pterygium must be wondering if it can interfere with their plan on...
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giant cell arteritis

Giant Cell Arteritis: Symptoms, Risks, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Giant cell arteritis (GCA) is a condition in which the arteries (blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart) become inflamed (swell). When arteries swell, blood flow via these...
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Macular Holes

Macular Holes: How They Are Formed and Repaired

It can be disturbing if the vision in one of your eyes suddenly becomes distorted and blurry. This may signify the development of a macular hole. The macula is a...
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naantalang transient light sensitivity syndrome

Delayed-onset Transient Light Sensitivity Syndrome Following Corneal Collagen Cross-linking

Photosensitivity is an uncommon and seemingly unpredictably unforeseen consequence of refractive surgery that can manifest as a debilitating, bilateral ocular pain that necessitates prompt treatment. Transient light-sensitivity syndrome (TLSS) is...
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are contact lenses safe for children

Are Contact Lenses Safe for Children?

If your child requests to sit in the front row, he/ she may be needing eyeglasses for better vision. There are instances where your child hesitates in wearing their glasses...
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colored contacts for astigmatism

Are There Colored Contacts for Astigmatism?

Most people prefer wearing contact lenses to eyeglasses for so many reasons. The first one is because it provides a natural view without the thick frames hindering peripheral vision. The...
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travel tips for contact lens wearers

Travel Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

When vacation has come, there may be plans for a spontaneous weekend away or a long trip abroad. Some people spend their vacation on the beach. Individuals who have vision...
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eyeglasses lens to read on paper

What Is a No-Line Bifocals?

There may be instances where you find yourself keeping a distance between a book and face. The reason behind it is because you have tired eyes which occur after focusing...
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is it bad to always have your sunglasses on

Is It Bad to Always Have Your Sunglasses On?

Is it dangerous to always use sunglasses? Yes, in a nutshell. If you wear sunglasses in dim indoor surroundings on a regular basis, anything from your sleep schedule to your...
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different lens tint for sports sunglasses

What Are the Different Lens Tint for Sports Sunglasses?

People who spend most of their time playing sports outdoors are a great candidate for sports sunglasses. There are different available tints for sports sunglasses that depend on the lighting...
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eye-popping illusion lets you write with your gaze alone

Eye-popping Illusion Lets You Write With Your Gaze Alone

A French researcher discovered a way to trick the eyes into moving more quickly so they can be used like a pencil to write cursive, which may help the disabled....
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things you should know about black eye

Things You Should Know About Black Eye

A black eye, also known as a “shiner,” is as unpleasant as it seems. The skin around the eye will turn purple, blue, or black after a blow to the...
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8 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

Khloe Kardashian has been hitting the gym hard and has not been letting herself slack, no matter what is going on in her life, as well as making sure that...
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Harmful Effects of Excessive Screen Time

The Harmful Effects of Excessive Screen Time for Kids

Parents nowadays are having a difficult time limiting screen time for their kids. Today’s children have gotten used to various devices at their fingertips. It is becoming harder each day...
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Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Strain Explained

Computer vision syndrome is also known as digital eye strain. This belongs to the group of eye and vision-related problems that stems from extensive screen time on digital devices. Long...
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Can Blue Light Damage Your Eyes 1

Can Blue Light Damage Your Eyes?

Your screen time on your devices like computers, smartphones, and television, exposes your eyes to risks of blue light. Nonetheless, science still has to prove that blue light causes damage...
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