teenager is blinded by fireworks
A huge explosion shocked Theresa McNair when she returned home from work a few days after the Fourth of July. She figured it was youngsters from the neighborhood having fun with leftover Christmas pyrotechnics. The Fort Lauderdale mom did nOt realize it was her own child who had been injured...
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choroidal neovascular membranes

Choroidal Neovascular Membranes: What Are They?

A healthy, undamaged retina is essential for clear vision in the eye. Choroidal neovascular membranes (CNVM) are new blood vessels that form beneath the retina and cause damage. The choroid...
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what is onchocerciasis

What Is Onchocerciasis?

Onchocerciasis is an ailment brought on by a specific parasite. African river blindness is another name for this ailment. It is the world’s second-leading cause of infectious blindness. Before blindness,...
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neuropathic corneal pain

Neuropathic Corneal Pain

A disorder known as neuropathic corneal pain causes your eyes, face, or head to become overly sensitive. It also causes them pain. Corneal neuralgia is another name for this illness....
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Different Types of Vitrectomy

Different Types of Vitrectomy

Vitrectomy is a surgical technique in which a specialist removes the vitreous humor gel that fills the eye cavity to allow greater access to the retina. This enables a number...
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Tips For Finding The Best LASIK Surgeon 1

Tips For Finding The Best LASIK Surgeon

Here You Can Find: Credentials Experience Referral Price Staff Once you have decided to have a vision correction procedure such as LASIK, the next important thing to do is to...
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Could Eye Drops Treat Cataracts Without Surgery?

Could Eye Drops Treat Cataracts Without Surgery?

Scientists have discovered a compound that can reverse cataracts. The good news is, it can be soluble enough to be in a form of eye drops. Cataracts can bring permanent...
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qualifications for lasik

What Are the Qualifications for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Since the technology was limited before, LASIK surgery has strict qualifications because they want to limit the risks involved with the treatment as much as possible. Now that the technology...
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macular telangiectasia

Diagnosis and Treatment of Macular Telangiectasia

Your ophthalmologist may discover tiny, fine crystals in the center of your macula. This is a sign of macular telangiectasia (MacTel). They can also note macula discoloration, irregular blood vessels...
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what is corneal laceration

What Is Corneal Laceration?

The cornea is the eye’s clean front window. A cut on the cornea is known as a corneal laceration. It is usually caused by a sharp object that flies into...
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Sticky Eyes

Sticky Eyes: What It Is and How to Properly Manage It

Wet or crusted discharge in the eyes is common in people who have allergies or cold. This discharge can cause the eyes to feel wet, gummy, or are glued shut....
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blurry vision

Why Do I Have Blurry Vision With Contact Lenses On?

People who have refractive errors use contact lenses to correct their vision and be able to see clearly. Ideally, a new contact lens should provide clear and comfortable vision always....
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avoid if you wear daily disposable contacts

Things That You Should Avoid if You Wear Daily Disposable Contacts

The people using daily disposable contact lenses or also known as dailies are countless. Daily disposable contact lenses are popular because of the convenience it brings. These lenses are removed...
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travel tips for contact lens wearers

Travel Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

When vacation has come, there may be plans for a spontaneous weekend away or a long trip abroad. Some people spend their vacation on the beach. Individuals who have vision...
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different lens tint for sports sunglasses

What Are the Different Lens Tint for Sports Sunglasses?

People who spend most of their time playing sports outdoors are a great candidate for sports sunglasses. There are different available tints for sports sunglasses that depend on the lighting...
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fake sunglasses

How to Spot Fake Sunglasses?

Bags, shoes, and clothes have imitations or dupes for people who cannot afford the real one because it is expensive. Not just the things that were mentioned but also when...
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solve your problems with eyeglasses

How Can You Solve Your Problems With Eyeglasses?

No matter where you buy your eyeglasses, either from an online, optical store, or from an eye doctor, problems are inevitable after you purchase them. There are instances that you...
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eye problems that are more common in minorities

Eye Problems That Are More Common in Minorities

Your race, in addition to your family background, age, and gender can influence your susceptibility to certain eye diseases. Minority groups, like many other health issues, are more vulnerable to...
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Why Does My Eye Twitch 1

Why Does My Eye Twitch?

Eye twitching, also called eyelid twitching is a spasm of the muscles in the eyes. These are an uncontrollable movement of the eyelids that usually lasts a few minutes. However,...
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what you need to know about emotional tears

What You Need to Know About Emotional Tears

What makes us cry? For decades, scientists have been attempting to address this query. Niels Stensen, a Danish scholar, discovered that tears originated in the lacrimal gland in 1662. Basal...
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Blue Light Glasses

Are Blue Light Glasses Really Effective?

Blue light glasses, as the name implies, are designed to protect you from some of the high-energy blue light emission of electronic gadgets such as phones, TVs, consoles, computers, and...
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does night mode in digital devices really help protect the eyes

Does Night Mode in Digital Devices Really Help Protect the Eyes?

People spend most of their time using digital devices. People who stare at their phones right before bed may experience trouble falling asleep. Blue light comes from the sun or...
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Screen Time Disrupts Sleep

Screen Time Disrupts Sleep by Messing Up With Body Clock

A new experiment has revealed how light-sensitive cells in our eyes can mess up our internal clock when exposed to light. The blue light from our devices could affect our...
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