question mark on paper on woman's forehead
People who are above 40 are at the highest risk for presbyopia. It is a refractive error that is resulted from aging eyes which usually indicates the need for reading glasses. You might be shocked by the idea of needing reading glasses but you do not have to worry about...
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plaquenil and aralen eye problems

Can Plaquenil and Aralen Cause Eye Problems?

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged the health system all over the world. There have been numerous research on COVID-19 treatment. Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) and Aralen (chloroquine) have been used as a...
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negative consequences of botox

The Negative Consequences of Botox

Pain at the injection site, infection, inflammation, swelling, redness, bleeding, and bruising are all possible side effects of Botox. Other allergy symptoms include itching, wheezing, asthma, a rash, red welts,...
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Coralberries Could Fight Eye Cancer_1

Coralberries Could Fight Eye Cancer

A compound found in a plant called coralberry is found to be effective in fighting eye cancer. The famous Christmas plant, coralberry, may halt the progression of eye cancer. This...
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child doing eye test

Is Vision Training Proven to Make Vision Sharper?

Parents worry about their children that are having trouble learning to read or write. Eye exercises are recommended for children who need help. Eye exercises are also called vision training...
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minimize the recovery time of cataract surgery

What Can I Do to Minimize the Recovery Time of Cataract Surgery?

The recovery time for cataract surgery is known to be short and uneventful if you followed the instructions of your surgeon and attend all follow-up check-ups. Cataract surgery with no...
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LASEK_Refractive Eye Surgery_TheEyeNews

LASEK: Refractive Eye Surgery

Here You Can Find: The History and How LASEK Surgery Works Potential Advantages Of LASEK Refractive Eye Surgery Possible Disadvantages and Common Side Effects The History and How LASEK Surgery...
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Could Eye Drops Treat Cataracts Without Surgery?

Could Eye Drops Treat Cataracts Without Surgery?

Scientists have discovered a compound that can reverse cataracts. The good news is, it can be soluble enough to be in a form of eye drops. Cataracts can bring permanent...
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difference between allergies and pink eye

Difference Between Allergies and Pink Eye

Red and itchy eyes require immediate remedy or else, it can hinder productivity. These two symptoms may mean you have either pink eyes or just allergies. This can be confusing...
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treatment for chronic angle closure glaucoma

What Is the Treatment for Chronic Angle-Closure Glaucoma?

Glaucoma damage is irreversible. However, medications and surgery can help prevent additional damage. Chronic angle-closure glaucoma nearly always necessitates the use of a laser or surgery to reopen the closed...
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cytomegalovirus retinitis

Cytomegalovirus Retinitis and Its Symptoms

A disease that is concerned with sight associated with AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is called Cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis. There are AIDS patients who developed CMV retinitis. One report said...
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are contact lenses safe for children

Are Contact Lenses Safe for Children?

If your child requests to sit in the front row, he/ she may be needing eyeglasses for better vision. There are instances where your child hesitates in wearing their glasses...
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ways to reuse your old contact lens case

Ways to Reuse Your Old Contact Lens Case

People who regularly buy contact lenses have a pile of unused cases in their medicine cabinets. As a contact lens wearer, you know how important it is to change your...
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contacts underwater

Can I Wear My Contacts Underwater?

Summer is just around the corner where people will spend most of their time under the sun. For people who do not wear transition lenses that can protect their eyes...
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are low cost sunglasses harmful

Are Low-cost Sunglasses Harmful to Your Eyes?

Sunglasses of high quality are frequently costly. So why not get a pair of cheap sunglasses that look practically identical? Or are low-cost sunglasses harmful to your eyes? When purchasing...
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why you should order prescription eyewear in store

Why You Should Order Prescription Eyewear in Store

Online shopping is very popular for people who do not have any time to run an errand. Most things that you need as well as eyeglasses are available in online...
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polarized or gradient lenses

Which Sunglasses Are Better: Polarized or Gradient Lenses?

There are several sunglass options to fit your unique demands when it comes to successfully covering your eyes from the sun, including polarized and gradient lenses. So, what is the...
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how to file a complaint against your ophthalmologist

How to File a Complaint Against Your Ophthalmologist

All members must follow the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Code of Ethics. Only if your ophthalmologist is a member of the Academy can the Academy Ethics Committee evaluate your complaints...
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what causes the prevalence of brown eyes

What Causes the Prevalence of Brown Eyes?

True fact: everyone on Earth had brown eyes roughly 10,000 years ago. Brown eyes now account for half of all people in the United States. However, that figure could be...
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woman with eye pain

Is It Normal to Experience Sudden Brightness in Vision?

It is a requirement for clear vision to be able to see light. If the lens of your eye is in an abnormal form which makes it unable to direct...
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Blue Light Glasses

Are Blue Light Glasses Really Effective?

Blue light glasses, as the name implies, are designed to protect you from some of the high-energy blue light emission of electronic gadgets such as phones, TVs, consoles, computers, and...
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Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses: Computer Eye Strain Relief

It is common to experience eye strain after long hours of work in front of a computer. Eye strain is only one of many symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)...
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Harmful Effects of Excessive Screen Time

The Harmful Effects of Excessive Screen Time for Kids

Parents nowadays are having a difficult time limiting screen time for their kids. Today’s children have gotten used to various devices at their fingertips. It is becoming harder each day...
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