performance sunglasses golf
Sunglasses are important even if you don’t feel like you need them. Maybe when you’re out in the sun you don’t deal with pain, discomfort or irritation, but that doesn’t mean that your eyes aren’t getting damaged. You should think about it in a similar fashion to how you think...
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The Perfect Lens for Astigmatism

The Perfect Lens for Astigmatism

A lot of people think that they can’t wear contact lenses because of their astigmatism. For mild astigmatism, GP lenses and hybrid contact lenses are recommended. They both provide sharper...
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different types of eye infections

Different Types of Eye Infections

Bacteria, fungi, and viruses are harmful organisms that invade your eye resulting in an eye infection. It can be any part of the eyeball such as the cornea and conjunctiva....
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how the eye functions when we cry

How the Eye Functions When We Cry

People are wondering why there is water coming out from our eyes when we are sad, tired, or frustrated. Most people do not know the function of the eye when...
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Taking Hydroxychloroquine for Treating Coronavirus May Be Bad for Your Eyes

A controversial drug that is believed to treat coronavirus and which President Trump said he has taken in May to avoid the virus has raised concerns about its side effect...
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possible complications in cataract surgery

What Are the Possible Complications in Cataract Surgery?

In surgeries, there can be possible complications. The complications when it comes to cataract surgery are few because it is the most common and most successful procedure that is being...
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hazy vision after lasik

Is It Normal to Have a Hazy Vision After LASIK?

Many people misunderstood something about the LASIK procedure. LASIK is a known surgery that provides you a better vision. Do not expect your vision to be perfect as soon as...
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pterygium and lasik

Can Having Pterygium Be a Problem in Getting LASIK Procedure?

Not all people are familiar with what a pterygium is. For individuals who heard that they have a pterygium must be wondering if it can interfere with their plan on...
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A Guide to Ocular Migraine Vs Visual Migraine: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

A Guide to Ocular Migraine Vs Visual Migraine: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Some people may have episodes of temporary blindness, appearances of shattered glass, or the sensation of looking through a cracked window in their vision but they do not know what...
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myasthenia gravis

Myasthenia Gravis Explained

Myasthenia gravis is a muscular condition that causes muscle weakness and fatigue. Muscles that control eye and eyelid movement may be affected by this condition. This can result in drooping...
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Histoplasmosis: What to Know

Histoplasmosis is a disease that is contracted by inhaling infected airborne spores. The fungus Histoplasma capsulatum produces the spores that cause it. For short, this microscopic fungus is known as...
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contact lens monitors intraocular pressure

A New Contact Lens Monitors Intraocular Pressure (IOP) for 24 Hours

A revolutionary way to monitoring intraocular pressure throughout the day is the new and innovative soft contact lens design with an incorporated micro-fluidic channel. Intraocular pressure or IOP is the...
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special effects of contact lenses

Special Effects of Contact Lenses

The use of special-effect contact lenses is popular during Halloween night and special occasions. The soft contact lenses that are available in different designs are known as special-effect contacts or...
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blurry vision

Why Do I Have Blurry Vision With Contact Lenses On?

People who have refractive errors use contact lenses to correct their vision and be able to see clearly. Ideally, a new contact lens should provide clear and comfortable vision always....
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can sunglasses prevent wrinkles

Can Sunglasses Prevent Wrinkles and Other Signs of Aging?

The sun gives you life and gives you energy, but it also ages you a little every day. You can decrease the aging process by taking preventative actions like applying...
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solve your problems with eyeglasses

How Can You Solve Your Problems With Eyeglasses?

No matter where you buy your eyeglasses, either from an online, optical store, or from an eye doctor, problems are inevitable after you purchase them. There are instances that you...
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what are performance sunglasses

What Are Performance Sunglasses?

Whatever sport or outdoor activity you enjoy, you are probably looking for ways to improve your performance. Most of the time, eyesight is an important performance factor, and sports sunglasses...
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do long space flights have an impact to the eyes of astronauts

Do Long Space Flights Have an Impact to the Eyes of Astronauts?

A study by NASA discovered that long space flights can impact the vision and eyes of astronauts. NASA is trying to know the reason behind this occurrence. A new study...
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Do Red Eyes Mean Coronavirus Infection

Do Red Eyes Mean Coronavirus Infection?

Recent pieces of evidence show that some redness of the eyes may be associated with coronavirus. A few months ago, CNN reported that a nurse at the nursing home in...
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Will Stenopeic Glasses Help You

Will Stenopeic Glasses Help You

Here You Can Find: What Are Pinhole Glasses? What Are They Used For? Who Might Use Them? What Are Stenopeic Glasses? Pinhole glasses, also known as stenopeic glasses, are a...
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Harmful Effects of Excessive Screen Time

The Harmful Effects of Excessive Screen Time for Kids

Parents nowadays are having a difficult time limiting screen time for their kids. Today’s children have gotten used to various devices at their fingertips. It is becoming harder each day...
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Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses: Computer Eye Strain Relief

It is common to experience eye strain after long hours of work in front of a computer. Eye strain is only one of many symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)...
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Screen Time Disrupts Sleep

Screen Time Disrupts Sleep by Messing Up With Body Clock

A new experiment has revealed how light-sensitive cells in our eyes can mess up our internal clock when exposed to light. The blue light from our devices could affect our...
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