eye disorders associated with abnormal eye reflection on camera
We are taking more images than ever before and sharing them with a wider audience via social and other digital platforms. Paying great attention to pictures of youngsters might reveal both common and uncommon eye disorders caused by the “red reflex,” or the reflection of the camera flash off the...
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how does pollution affect your eyes

How Does Pollution Affect Your Eyes?

Pollution not only affects our overall health but also our eye health. We are aware of how air pollution can cause health issues such as asthma and heart disease. Some...
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chemical burns to the eyes are most common in toddlers

Chemical Burns to the Eyes Are Most Common in Toddlers

According to a new study, young infants are more at risk of chemical burns to their eyes than working-age adults. Eye injuries in 1- and 2-year-old children are most typically...
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Drugs to Treat Thyroid Eye Disease Without Surgery 1

Drugs to Treat Thyroid Eye Disease Without Surgery

It is unusual for people to hear about thyroid eye disease (TED) which causes vision problems and eye bulging. A new drug called Tepezza is the first nonsurgical treatment introduced...
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Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy

Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is known to affect your eyes with different eye conditions. In the early stages of diabetic retinopathy, treatment may not be needed because eyesight is normal. With the...
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hazy vision after lasik

Is It Normal to Have a Hazy Vision After LASIK?

Many people misunderstood something about the LASIK procedure. LASIK is a known surgery that provides you a better vision. Do not expect your vision to be perfect as soon as...
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Tips For Finding The Best LASIK Surgeon 1

Tips For Finding The Best LASIK Surgeon

Here You Can Find: Credentials Experience Referral Price Staff Once you have decided to have a vision correction procedure such as LASIK, the next important thing to do is to...
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prevent pain after lasik surgery

How To Prevent Pain After Lasik Surgery

LASIK surgery is widely popular as a method to improve the quality of vision. It helps a lot of individuals by eliminating the dependence on using glasses and contacts. LASIK...
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Nystagmus: Involuntary Eye Movements

Nystagmus is an eye disorder that causes involuntary and rhythmic eye movements. The involuntary movements make it hard for a person to keep the eyes fixed and focused on an...
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types of congenital cataracts

Types of Congenital Cataracts and Its Causes

A cataract is known to be the clouding of the lens of the eye that occurs later in life. If it is present at birth, it is called a congenital...
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Corneal Abrasions

Corneal Abrasions, Most Common Eye Injury: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Duration, and Treatment

Corneal abrasions are the most frequent eye injury that doctors encounter with their patients. The cornea is the clear, curved structure on the surface of our eyes. It is a...
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contact lens monitors intraocular pressure

A New Contact Lens Monitors Intraocular Pressure (IOP) for 24 Hours

A revolutionary way to monitoring intraocular pressure throughout the day is the new and innovative soft contact lens design with an incorporated micro-fluidic channel. Intraocular pressure or IOP is the...
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ways to reuse your old contact lens case

Ways to Reuse Your Old Contact Lens Case

People who regularly buy contact lenses have a pile of unused cases in their medicine cabinets. As a contact lens wearer, you know how important it is to change your...
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What Is Orthokeratology?

People with poor vision have probably explored different types of corrective treatments. Eyeglasses and contact lenses have been a great help but some people want to see clearly without the...
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different lens colors

Why Do Sunglasses Have Different Lens Colors?

Colored sunglasses lenses do not just make a fashion statement. They also aid in blocking light from entering your eyes. They do it in different ways, depending on the lens...
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can sunglasses prevent wrinkles

Can Sunglasses Prevent Wrinkles and Other Signs of Aging?

The sun gives you life and gives you energy, but it also ages you a little every day. You can decrease the aging process by taking preventative actions like applying...
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how much is the cost of prescription glasses

How Much Is the Cost of Prescription Glasses?

There are a lot of people who get jealous of people who wear eyeglasses because it enhances their appearance. The thing that they do not know is it is not...
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8 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

Khloe Kardashian has been hitting the gym hard and has not been letting herself slack, no matter what is going on in her life, as well as making sure that...
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the impact of a stroke on vision

The Impact of a Stroke on Vision

Rosanne Rodilosso, 79 years old, was handling papers at her Virginia home when she began to shake. She was also having difficulty communicating clearly. She sensed something was not right...
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how well can newborns see

How Well Can Newborns See?

As a parent, you know how memorable it is for you and your baby to look into each other’s eyes. You want to be aware of how well your newborn...
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Harmful Effects of Excessive Screen Time

The Harmful Effects of Excessive Screen Time for Kids

Parents nowadays are having a difficult time limiting screen time for their kids. Today’s children have gotten used to various devices at their fingertips. It is becoming harder each day...
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does night mode in digital devices really help protect the eyes

Does Night Mode in Digital Devices Really Help Protect the Eyes?

People spend most of their time using digital devices. People who stare at their phones right before bed may experience trouble falling asleep. Blue light comes from the sun or...
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Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses: Computer Eye Strain Relief

It is common to experience eye strain after long hours of work in front of a computer. Eye strain is only one of many symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)...
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