refractive surgery blue eye
Refractive surgery in Milan and Vimercate to eliminate visual defects with the most advanced technology Refractive surgery is a set of safe, effective, and definitive surgical techniques practiced successfully for years in our two centers of Milan and Vimercate thanks to well-prepared ophthalmologists who have great experience of these advanced...
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What Is Nevus (Eye Freckle)?

A nevus is a colored growth on or in your eye that is normal. It is also known as an eye freckle and looks like a mole on your skin....
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how do fake lashes work

How Do Fake Lashes Work? A Guide in Wearing False Eyelashes

The use of fake lashes is popular among women because they want to enhance the appearance of their eyes and eyelashes. False eyelashes are a perfect combination with a winged...
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What is a Hyphema?

Hyphema is the collection of blood in the anterior chamber of the eye, the space between the cornea and the iris, caused by bleeding or a broken blood vessel in...
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aggressive eye cancer found to be slowed down by a substance from Coralberry plant

Aggressive Eye Cancer Found to Be Slowed Down by a Substance From Coralberry Plant

During the holiday season, the majority of the German living rooms are decorated with coralberry plants with bright red fruits. The coralberry plant, originally from Korea, is resistant to any...
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lasik fix scars from contact lenses

Is It Possible for LASIK to Fix My Scars From Contact Lenses?

Many people use contact lenses as an alternative to using eyeglasses. They prefer it to glasses because it looks natural and no hassle with the frame. There is an innate...
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what will happen if my flap moves after lasik

What Will Happen if My Flap Moves After LASIK Procedure?

People are wondering what will happen if a flap comes loose after LASIK. LASIK is a known refractive surgery that corrects myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. It has been...
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hazy vision after lasik

Is It Normal to Have a Hazy Vision After LASIK?

Many people misunderstood something about the LASIK procedure. LASIK is a known surgery that provides you a better vision. Do not expect your vision to be perfect as soon as...
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naantalang transient light sensitivity syndrome

Delayed-onset Transient Light Sensitivity Syndrome Following Corneal Collagen Cross-linking

Photosensitivity is an uncommon and seemingly unpredictably unforeseen consequence of refractive surgery that can manifest as a debilitating, bilateral ocular pain that necessitates prompt treatment. Transient light-sensitivity syndrome (TLSS) is...
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difference between allergies and pink eye

Difference Between Allergies and Pink Eye

Red and itchy eyes require immediate remedy or else, it can hinder productivity. These two symptoms may mean you have either pink eyes or just allergies. This can be confusing...
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Blocked Tear Duct

Blocked Tear Duct

A blocked tear duct prevents tears from draining normally which causes a watery and irritated eye. This condition is common in newborns and usually gets better without medical intervention. However,...
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The Perfect Lens for Astigmatism

The Perfect Lens for Astigmatism

A lot of people think that they can’t wear contact lenses because of their astigmatism. For mild astigmatism, GP lenses and hybrid contact lenses are recommended. They both provide sharper...
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The environmental cost of contact lenses 1

The Environmental Cost Of Contact Lenses

Many people rely on contact lenses to improve their vision. But these sight-correcting devices don’t last forever — some are intended for a single day’s use — and they are...
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green contact lens on woman

Tips in Buying Costume Contact Lenses

When Halloween is coming, many people are buying colored contact lenses to make it a final touch for their costumes. Be cautious in buying because not all costume lenses guarantee...
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why can't i see things closely with my eyeglasses

Why Can’t I See Things Closely With My Eyeglasses?

If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses most of the time, it helps you to see things. Some people are nearsighted or myopic that need reading glasses at the time...
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advantages of putting on sunglasses at night

Are There Any Advantages of Putting on Sunglasses at Night?

Because a lower-than-optimal amount of light reaches the retina in low-light settings, visual acuity is diminished at night. Wearing sunglasses at nighttime limits the amount of light entering the retina...
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man holding eyeglasses with two hands

Does Wearing Glasses Make Eyes Look Smaller?

If you heard from your eye doctor that you will be needing glasses because of refractive error, do not worry. Corrective eyewear will help to clear your vision and give...
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how well can newborns see

How Well Can Newborns See?

As a parent, you know how memorable it is for you and your baby to look into each other’s eyes. You want to be aware of how well your newborn...
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the truth behind the white and gold or blue and black dress

The Truth Behind the White and Gold or Blue and Black Dress

In 2015, there was a photo of a dress that caught a lot of attention on social media. The debate was about the real color of the dress because there...
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curvature blindness

This Optical Illusion Will Show You If You Have Curvature Blindness

Everyone enjoys a good optical illusion, and this newly found perception trick has us rethinking our perceptions of the world. Examine the lines in the illustration above. What kinds of...
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Blue Light Glasses

Are Blue Light Glasses Really Effective?

Blue light glasses, as the name implies, are designed to protect you from some of the high-energy blue light emission of electronic gadgets such as phones, TVs, consoles, computers, and...
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Screen Time Disrupts Sleep

Screen Time Disrupts Sleep by Messing Up With Body Clock

A new experiment has revealed how light-sensitive cells in our eyes can mess up our internal clock when exposed to light. The blue light from our devices could affect our...
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Harmful Effects of Excessive Screen Time

The Harmful Effects of Excessive Screen Time for Kids

Parents nowadays are having a difficult time limiting screen time for their kids. Today’s children have gotten used to various devices at their fingertips. It is becoming harder each day...
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