is makeup bad for the eyes

Is Makeup Bad for the Eyes?

Makeup is known to enhance the natural features an individual has. Most women are using makeup on occasions to make themselves more unique and stand out. In the history of...
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how our eyes work when we sleep

How Our Eyes Work When We Sleep

The average hours that we spend sleeping in a year is 2,920 hours which means it is about a third of our lives. People are wondering what our eyes do...
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Can Drinking Alcohol Give You Blurry Vision?

People who drink too much alcohol know the effect it gives to eyesight which is a blurry and distorted vision. It is known that drinking alcohol affects the body even...
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Hyperopia: What is Farsightedness?

Hyperopia is commonly known as farsightedness. It means that things that are far away are clearly seen while things up close are blurry. Hyperopia tends to be less common than...
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A Complete Guide to Astigmatism: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Astigmatism is not a disease. It is only a type of vision condition or a refractive error. It causes blurry and distorted vision which commonly occurs in the global population....
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Choosing Presbyopia Treatment At 40 Years Of Age

Here You Can Find: Reading Glasses Contact Lenses Photorefractive Keratectomy Monovision LASIK PresbyLASIK Conductive Keratoplasty Refractive Lens Exchange Corneal Inlays Presbyopia is an age-related condition that causes blurred near vision....
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Is Perfect Vision Possible

20/20 Visual Acuity | Is Perfect Vision Possible?

If you were told by your doctor that you have 20/20 vision after an eye exam, does this mean your eyesight is perfect? Is it probable to have a better...
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What is Myopia_ Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

What is Myopia? Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Myopia is an eye condition that makes it difficult to focus on objects that are far away from you. It is more commonly known as nearsightedness. Almost 25% of the...
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Why Are Lights Blurry if You Have Astigmatism

Why Are Lights Blurry if You Have Astigmatism?

Individuals who have a healthy eye do not know the struggle when they are suffering from astigmatism. There are a lot of vision conditions that result in blurry vision. Astigmatism...
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PRK: Chirurgia dell'occhio refrattiva

PRK: Refractive Eye Surgery

Here You Can Find: Knowing PRK PRK and LASIK Step-By-Step Procedure Risks and Complications Involved   Knowing PRK Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) was the first laser refractive eye surgery that is...
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Quick Guide To LASIK And PRK 1

Quick Guide To LASIK And PRK

Here You Can Find: What Is Eye Refractive Surgery? How Does Before Compare To Today’s Laser Surgery? Can Patients Undergo Surgery On Both Eyes On The Same Day? Who Can...
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Could Eye Drops Treat Cataracts Without Surgery?

Could Eye Drops Treat Cataracts Without Surgery?

Scientists have discovered a compound that can reverse cataracts. The good news is, it can be soluble enough to be in a form of eye drops. Cataracts can bring permanent...
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different types of eye infections

Different Types of Eye Infections

Bacteria, fungi, and viruses are harmful organisms that invade your eye resulting in an eye infection. It can be any part of the eyeball such as the cornea and conjunctiva....
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Corneal Ulcer

Corneal Ulcer (Keratitis)

A corneal ulcer is a painful red eye accompanied by mild to heavy eye discharge and diminished vision. This is caused by an infection to the cornea with abscess. Corneal...
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Vision Problems of Premature Babies

Vision Problems of Premature Babies May Now Be Avoided by Light Therapy

Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center have discovered that light therapy may help premature babies avoid vision problems. They have discovered a light-dependent molecular pathway that regulates how blood...
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special effects of contact lenses

Special Effects of Contact Lenses

The use of special-effect contact lenses is popular during Halloween night and special occasions. The soft contact lenses that are available in different designs are known as special-effect contacts or...
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travel tips for contact lens wearers

Travel Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

When vacation has come, there may be plans for a spontaneous weekend away or a long trip abroad. Some people spend their vacation on the beach. Individuals who have vision...
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Tips on Handling Contact Lens Discomfort

Tips on Handling Contact Lens Discomfort

There are times when wearing contact lenses just does not feel right. Some days, wearing contact lenses feels flawless and easy but sometimes, it might sting or be uncomfortable. These...
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better one better two eyeglass prescription

How the “Better One, Better Two” Test Plays a Role in Getting an Eyeglass Prescription

People who have been in an eye doctor are probably familiar with the machine with knobs and dials. Not many know what the machine is called but it is a...
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The Perfect Glasses for Round Faces

The secret behind choosing the best pair of eyeglasses for people with round faces is to create a contrast between your face and the frames of your eyeglasses. The perfect...
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how to use home vision test when ordering glasses online

How to Use Home Vision Test When Ordering Glasses and Contacts Online

Amid pandemic, most eye clinics are closed because people are advised to stay home. Many people are seeking an alternative in this certain situation. It is tempting to order glasses...
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Screen Time Disrupts Sleep by Messing Up With Body Clock

A new experiment has revealed how light-sensitive cells in our eyes can mess up our internal clock when exposed to light. The blue light from our devices could affect our...
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Blue Light Glasses

Are Blue Light Glasses Really Effective?

Blue light glasses, as the name implies, are designed to protect you from some of the high-energy blue light emission of electronic gadgets such as phones, TVs, consoles, computers, and...
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Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses: Computer Eye Strain Relief

It is common to experience eye strain after long hours of work in front of a computer. Eye strain is only one of many symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)...
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