Famous Celebrities Who Have Eye Diseases

Just like normal people, celebrities also suffer from eye disease. There may be instances where it is discouraging to know that you have eye conditions and vision impairments. It is important to know that these conditions should not hinder you from living your life. The stories of some famous actors, musicians, and artists are proof that you can be successful even if you live with a chronic eye condition.

An interview of Mila Kunis with Cosmopolitan revealed that she was blind in one eye for many years and nobody knew about it. The actress has a cataract in that eye which is caused by iritis or severe inflammation in the iris and the front part of the eye. With the success of the cataract surgery she had, her vision was restored.

A famous artist of scenic oil paintings, Claude Monet, had cataract for many years. Some people noticed how the cataract affected his art. It is natural for the cataract to occur as people age. One symptom of cataracts is seeing colors as dull or with a yellow tint which some people believed contributed to how he made his art. Just like Mila Kunis, he had successful cataract surgery.

As you watch the television, you are probably familiar with the award-winning talk show host Larry King. The host also had cataract surgery which helped him to have good vision. President Abraham Lincoln had strabismus or misaligned eyes. It is noticeable because his left eye is naturally higher than the right eye.

How Did AMD Affect the Lives of Famous Celebrities?

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Stephen King, the well-known horror writer, has age-related macular degeneration. Smoking, age, exposure to UV light, and genetics are some risk factors of AMD. Dame Judi Dench is diagnosed with dry AMD and wet AMD. She was able to maintain her independence with the help of low vision tools and techniques including mobile apps for people with AMD.

Some Treatments for Eye Conditions

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Apl.de.ap, a member of the Black Eyed Peas, is legally blind before he had eye surgery. He had nystagmus and myopia. An artificial lens is inserted during eye surgery. Stevie Wonder was born blind but it did not hinder him from being a famous musician. He had a rare condition called retinopathy of prematurity.

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