TEN 07.12.2022 Monthly News

7. What Are the Things You Should Not Do Before Getting Lasik? Before getting a LASIK procedure, you are given by your eye surgeon advice that you need to follow for you to have a safe procedure. During pre-op calls, you may be hearing things that you should not do rather than something to do. Even if LASIK surgery only concerns your eye, there are still precautions that you should take before and after surgery.⁣ → Link

6. Is It Normal to Have a Hazy Vision After LASIK? Many people misunderstood something about the LASIK procedure. LASIK is a known surgery that provides you a better vision. Do not expect your vision to be perfect as soon as you rise from the bed. That vision does not come in one snap, it takes time and adjustment for it to be clear. Do not believe in the idea of getting an immediate crystal-clear vision. → Link

5. Most Reliable Online Resources for Modern Ophthalmologists. In the current time and age of the internet, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other digital devices, there emerges resources that are one tap away. Amidst all the free resources laid online, it is still important to choose only the legit and reliable ones. → Link

4. Causes of White Bumps Under The Eyes. Tiny white bumps under the eyes may look similar to chicken skin under the eyes. These may only be milia or syringomas that are no cause for serious concern. However, it is still important to contact your doctor for any skin growth that does not go away. → Link

3. What Are the Common Signs That Aging Is Already Changing Your Eyes? According to a recent survey, two out of three Americans believe that vision loss is common as we age. Aging is one of the reasons why our eyes change but vision loss is not always associated. Aging adults need to watch out for the changes and follow steps that can protect their eyesight. → Link

2. £9 Concealer Claims to Erase Dark Circles Under Eyes! Maybelline has released a concealer under £10 and it sells one every 9 seconds! Fans go wild claiming the product to be the world’s best concealer so far. According to them, this product ‘saves’ them from dark circles and eye bags. Beauty fans shared their before and after transformation photos after using the newly-launched concealer. With increasing popularity online, the product is receiving 5-star reviews from its fans. → Link

1. Coping With Visual Impairment. It is devastating to have a loss of vision. but worry not because there are tools and services run by organizations that aim to help an individual suffering from visual impairment. This is done by organizations to help individuals suffering from vision loss have a clear vision of the environment. There are a lot of ways that can help an individual fulfill his work efficiently and independently no matter how mild or severe his visual impairment is. → Link

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