Refractive Surgery

what will happen if my flap moves after lasik

What Will Happen if My Flap Moves After LASIK Procedure?

People are wondering what will happen if a flap comes loose after LASIK. LASIK is a known refractive surgery that corrects myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. It has been 20 decades since the approval for LASIK was given by the FDA. Despite the high degree of success of more...
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pterygium and lasik

Can Having Pterygium Be a Problem in Getting LASIK Procedure?

Not all people are familiar with what a pterygium is. For individuals who heard that they have a pterygium must be wondering if it can interfere with their plan on getting LASIK. It is a case to case basis but usually, you can have LASIK when you have pterygium. It...
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hazy vision after lasik

Is It Normal to Have a Hazy Vision After LASIK?

Many people misunderstood something about the LASIK procedure. LASIK is a known surgery that provides you a better vision. Do not expect your vision to be perfect as soon as you rise from the bed. That vision does not come in one snap, it takes time and adjustment for it...
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lasik fix scars from contact lenses

Is It Possible for LASIK to Fix My Scars From Contact Lenses?

Many people use contact lenses as an alternative to using eyeglasses. They prefer it to glasses because it looks natural and no hassle with the frame. There is an innate risk when using contact lenses than standard glasses. People should be aware that everything you put in contact with your...
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Could Eye Drops Treat Cataracts Without Surgery?

Could Eye Drops Treat Cataracts Without Surgery?

Scientists have discovered a compound that can reverse cataracts. The good news is, it can be soluble enough to be in a form of eye drops. Cataracts can bring permanent damage to vision if left untreated. The only option believed to treat cataracts today is surgery alone. However, one group...
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cataract surgery what are the risks

Cataract Surgery: What Are the Risks?

Complications from cataract surgeries rarely happen and are low in number. Many individuals are scared to undergo cataract surgery because of the cases where complications occur. Cataract surgery is one of the most successful surgical procedures performed on this date. People who consider getting cataract surgery should not be afraid...
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Tips For Finding The Best LASIK Surgeon 1

Tips For Finding The Best LASIK Surgeon

Here You Can Find: Credentials Experience Referral Price Staff Once you have decided to have a vision correction procedure such as LASIK, the next important thing to do is to find the right surgeon who will ensure that the eye surgery will be safe and effective. Taking time to choose...
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minimize the recovery time of cataract surgery

What Can I Do to Minimize the Recovery Time of Cataract Surgery?

The recovery time for cataract surgery is known to be short and uneventful if you followed the instructions of your surgeon and attend all follow-up check-ups. Cataract surgery with no complications can take no longer than 10 minutes. After surgery, you will be in the recovery area until the anesthesia...
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The Eye News_Refractive Eye Surgery

Refractive Eye Surgery: Which Is Right For You?

Here You Can Find: Refractive Eye Surgery Explained Which Is Right For You What Are The Risks   Refractive Eye Surgery Explained Refractive eye surgery refers to any surgical procedure used to fix vision problems. In the recent years, we have seen huge advances in this field. Until contact lenses were...
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things you should not do before getting lasik

What Are the Things You Should Not Do Before Getting Lasik?

Before getting a LASIK procedure, you are given by your eye surgeon advice that you need to follow for you to have a safe procedure. During pre-op calls, you may be hearing things that you should not do rather than something to do. Even if LASIK surgery only concerns your...
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prevent pain after lasik surgery

How To Prevent Pain After Lasik Surgery

LASIK surgery is widely popular as a method to improve the quality of vision. It helps a lot of individuals by eliminating the dependence on using glasses and contacts. LASIK has its side effects and it is important to know what to do when problems arise. After you undergo LASIK...
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qualifications for lasik

What Are the Qualifications for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Since the technology was limited before, LASIK surgery has strict qualifications because they want to limit the risks involved with the treatment as much as possible. Now that the technology has been more advanced and improved, the procedure can accommodate more patients who want LASIK surgery. During 1998, if you...
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cataract surgery cost

How Much Can a Cataract Surgery Cost?

According to a report in 2019, if you do not have medical insurance the cost of cataract surgery is approximately $3,783 to $6,898. The expenses to be paid for cataract surgery depends on factors including the type of intraocular lens (IOL) to be implanted, the type of technology used, and...
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Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery: Procedure, Risks, and Recovery

Cataract surgery is done to restore vision through replacing the clouded lens in your eye with a clear artificial lens. This procedure is painless and usually only takes about 15 minutes. Cataract surgery is generally an outpatient procedure and does not need an overnight hospital stay. Despite what most people...
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Vitrectomy and Vitreoretinal

Vitrectomy and Vitreoretinal | Eye Surgery

Numerous eye surgeries are being performed to improve your eye condition. Conventional laser instruments and lasers are used to perform surgeries inside the interior of the eye. Vitreoretinal surgery refers to the surgery that occurs in the vitreous part and the retina. Surgery can restore, preserve, and enhance vision for...
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possible complications in cataract surgery

What Are the Possible Complications in Cataract Surgery?

In surgeries, there can be possible complications. The complications when it comes to cataract surgery are few because it is the most common and most successful procedure that is being performed today. The safety profile of cataract surgery is high. The research that is published in ophthalmology stated that 99.5...
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Quick Guide To LASIK And PRK 1

Quick Guide To LASIK And PRK

Here You Can Find: What Is Eye Refractive Surgery? How Does Before Compare To Today’s Laser Surgery? Can Patients Undergo Surgery On Both Eyes On The Same Day? Who Can Undergo LASIK? Who Can Undergo PRK? How Long IS PRK? Do The Surgery Techniques Hurt? What Are The Preparations Prior...
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SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

SMILE Laser Eye Surgery: The State-Of-The-Art Procedure To Treat Nearsightedness

Are you tired of your blurry world? Do you want to start waking up with a clear vision and skip the constant search for your eyeglasses? Lucky you – a laser procedure, SMILE, is ready to solve your problems! ReLEx SMILE Introducing the FDA approved SMILE laser eye surgery, a...
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LASEK_Refractive Eye Surgery_TheEyeNews

LASEK: Refractive Eye Surgery

Here You Can Find: The History and How LASEK Surgery Works Potential Advantages Of LASEK Refractive Eye Surgery Possible Disadvantages and Common Side Effects The History and How LASEK Surgery Works Laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy or LASEK started in the year 1996. It is like bringing some aspects of LASIK and...
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PRK: Chirurgia dell'occhio refrattiva

PRK: Refractive Eye Surgery

Here You Can Find: Knowing PRK PRK and LASIK Step-By-Step Procedure Risks and Complications Involved   Knowing PRK Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) was the first laser refractive eye surgery that is used to remove (ablate) tissue directly from the eye’s surface to change the curvature of the eye cornea successfully. The...
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woman under eye test equipment

LASIK: Refractive Eye Surgery

Here You Can Find: About The LASIK Procedure Know If It Is For You LASIK Surgery Day After The Procedure Risks and Complications   About The LASIK Procedure INSIDER. “How LASIK Eye Surgery Is Performed” Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, Nov 7, 2017. Web. Nov 7, 2017. LASIK (laser-assisted in...
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