Is It Possible for LASIK to Fix My Scars From Contact Lenses?

Many people use contact lenses as an alternative to using eyeglasses. They prefer it to glasses because it looks natural and no hassle with the frame. There is an innate risk when using contact lenses than standard glasses.

People should be aware that everything you put in contact with your eye increases your risk for damage. Contact lenses are an exception but there are steps you need to follow to be safe and avoid damage.

Eye doctors warned the public regarding improperly fitted contact lenses because it can damage your vision. You may experience the following symptoms if your contacts do not fit your eyes which include reduced visual acuity, eye pain, stinging, burning, irritated eyes, blurry vision, and halos around objects.

The longer you wear a contact lens, the more uncomfortable it becomes. There can be different possible contact lens complications. Consult your eye doctor when you experience any of the symptoms regularly because you might need an updated contact lens fitting.

lasik fix scars from contact lenses

Can I Get a Scar From Using Contact Lens?

If you are wearing a contact lens, your day may be great, and experience discomfort out of the blue. The discomfort may be from the little micro-abrasions that are mildly inflamed or infected. You will feel that your eyes are irritated and using contact lenses hurts. You can also observe that your eye will become red.

To address this problem, you are suggested to not use the contacts for a couple of days and it will return to the normal state. You may assume that everything is normal but there is a tiny change that occurred wherein the inflamed spot in your eye looks different. The cornea appears to be clear but when there is a spot that got inflamed then healed, it became opaque.

lasik fix scars from contact lenses

Can LASIK Help in Healing These Scars?

Some people think that LASIK can fix scars from using contact lenses but there is no way that it can appear transparent. These scars do not affect your qualifications in getting LASIK and do not affect your vision unless it is huge and spotted in the middle of the cornea.

LASIK uses a laser wherein treatments are programmed that is specific to each eye. If you are worried about your scars, there will be no problem with LASIK. Take note that LASIK cannot fix scars but you do not need to fix them. Good vision is all that matters despite corneal scars.

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