Eye Tests

medical eye devices that are quack

What Are the Different Medical Eye Devices That Are Considered Quack?

As we trace the history of vision care, developments and innovations have been made. Some devices and treatments played a great role in preserving or improving our eyesight. Here are some quack eye care devices and treatments used before: Actina Sight Restorer is a small cylindrical device that has a...
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how are defects in the visual field caused by stroke diagnosed

How Are Defects in the Visual Field Caused By Stroke Diagnosed?

Strokes are triggered by an abrupt interruption in the brain’s blood supply. Blockages in the brain’s arteries are the most common cause. A stroke can be caused by leaky blood arteries or bleeding in some situations. Damaged brain cells result from a disruption in the bloodstream, which cuts off oxygen...
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Pupillary Distance

Pupillary Distance and How to Measure It

Have you ever experienced trying on a pair of eyeglasses and you suddenly felt a sting on your eye? This is called an instant eye strain. The reason behind this is that your pupillary distance could have been measured inaccurately. What is Pupillary Distance (PD)? Your pupillary distance (PD) is...
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Dominant Eye Test

Dominant Eye Test: Finding Your Dominant Eye

The term “dominant eye” for two eyes that are functioning well means the “leading” or “preferred” eye that provides a slightly greater degree of input to the visual part of the brain. This eye more accurately relays information on the location of objects than the other eye. However, in dysfunctional...
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what is fluorescein angiography

What Is Fluorescein Angiography and How Does It Work?

Fluorescein angiography (FA) is a procedure in which the ophthalmologist photographs your retina with a special camera. These images enable your ophthalmologist to see the blood vessels and other structures in the back of your eye more clearly. What Is the Purpose of Fluorescein Angiography? FA is often recommended for...
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middle aged woman doing a home vision test

Home Vision Tests for Children and Adults

We are currently in a pandemic right now which means we are not able to go out. Many people want to know about their ocular health even if they are staying at home only. Remember that a home vision test is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam done...
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what is visual field testing

What Is Visual Field Testing?

How much can you see out of the corners of your eyes when you concentrate on the words in this article? Is it possible for you to tell what is going on in your immediate surroundings? When you focus on a central point, your visual field is the size of...
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6 different types of visual field exams

6 Different Types of Visual Field Exams

Visual field tests are often used by ophthalmologists to determine how eyelid abnormalities like ptosis and sagging eyelids may impede vision. 1. Visual Field Test in a Confrontation Situation A confrontation visual field test is a typical approach for your doctor to check for issues in your visual field. One...
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How Do You See Colors During a Color Blind Test

How Do You See Colors During a Color Blind Test?

If you think you have a color vision deficiency or also known as color blindness, you need to visit your eye doctor. To determine that you are color blind, a color-blind test is given to you. Two types of color blind test can be given: Screening tests that can see...
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what is corneal topography

What Is Corneal Topography?

Corneal topography is a photograph that maps the surface of the eye’s clear front window (the cornea). It functions similarly to a 3D (three-dimensional) map of the globe, which aids in the identification of features such as mountains and valleys. On the other hand, a topography scan may reveal distortions...
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Slit Lamp Exam

Slit Lamp Exam and How It is Used

The standard diagnostic procedure, slit lamp exam, is also known as biomicroscopy. It combines a microscope with a very bright light to allow the doctor to observe the eyes in detail and determine any abnormalities. The slit lamp exam is usually part of a comprehensive eye exam where the patient...
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ways to contact opticians during the lockdown

What Are the Ways to Contact Opticians During the Lockdown?

COVID-19 is widespread throughout the entire world. It is feared for the reason that it is a life-threatening disease for people who have comorbidities. Since the coronavirus is transmitted by close contact, the lockdown has been ordered. The safety measures that have been ordered are quarantine, lockdown, social distancing, and...
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Schirmer's Test

Schirmer’s Test: A Test for Dry Eyes

Schirmer’s test is used to determine whether the eyes make enough tears to keep it moist and healthy. This is done by placing a piece of filter paper in the lower eyelid of both eyes then the eyes are closed for at least 5 minutes. As the filter paper is...
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basic eye exam

What Is Included in the Basic Eye Exam?

Most people do not visit their eye doctor until they encounter vision problems which mean they did not undergo a basic eye exam. As humans, we see the importance of eyesight in our life. We use our eyes for all the activities that we perform such as reading, driving, and...
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dilation in eye exams

How Important Is Dilation in Eye Exams?

People who went through a comprehensive eye exam know how important dilation is in eye exams. Eye drops are applied to your eyes to make your eyesight blurry for hours. Some people find it annoying but the eye drops to dilate your eyes are a vital part of an eye...
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Wood’s Lamp Examination

Guide in Wood’s Lamp Examination

Wood’s lamp examination is also known as the black light test or ultraviolet light test. The name itself defines what type of test it is, it uses ultraviolet (UV) light or transillumination to look at the skin. This procedure is used to detect skin infections that can be either bacterial...
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Gonioscopy: What to Expect, Aim, and Importance

Gonioscopy is a non-invasive procedure that your ophthalmologist uses to examine the drainage angle of your eye. Between the iris and the cornea, this region is at the front of the eye. It is where aqueous humor, or eye fluid, actually drains out of your eye. A gonioscopy will be...
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Importance of Eye Exams for Children

Importance of Eye Exams for Children

An optometrist or ophthalmologist is the one who performs an eye assessment for your child. Screening for vision and quick examination is done by a pediatrician while a thorough examination is performed by optometrists and ophthalmologists. It is important to ensure that the eyes of your child are healthy and...
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woman smiling during an eye exam

How Often Should You Get an Eye Exam?

When you have an appointment for dental care, the dentists tell you to have a dental exam every six months. Is it the same with eye exams? Some people say that they only visit eye care providers when it is time for a new prescription for glasses or contacts. It...
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