What Is Corneal Topography?

Corneal topography is a photograph that maps the surface of the eye’s clear front window (the cornea). It functions similarly to a 3D (three-dimensional) map of the globe, which aids in the identification of features such as mountains and valleys. On the other hand, a topography scan may reveal distortions in the cornea’s usually smooth curvature. It also aids doctors in the monitoring of eye disease and the planning of surgery.

Corneal Topography Is Used in What Situations?

what is corneal topography

Growths. Topography may be used to monitor the size of pterygia or other growths.
Contact Lens Fitting. Topography scans are used to determine which contact lenses should be used to enhance vision. If the scan reveals significant distortion, a special hard contact lens (RGP) can be used to help correct vision.
Keratoconus and astigmatism. Topography may aid in the detection of early keratoconus cases and the tracking of their progression.
Scarring. The cornea may be scarred by trauma (injury) or infections. The cornea’s form is altered as a result of this.

How Does Corneal Topography Aid Surgical Procedures?

what is corneal topography

Refractive surgery. The outline of the cornea is adjusted during refractive surgery like LASIK to correct refractive errors like myopia (nearsightedness). A topography scan aids the surgeon in determining how to reshape the cornea precisely.

Cataracts. During cataract surgery, the normal lens of the eye is replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL) as it becomes cloudy. In certain cases, corneal topography aids surgeons in selecting the best IOL.

Corneal transplants. A surgeon can use corneal topography to help a patient recover properly after a transplant. Based on the form of the cornea, the pictures help determine which stitches should be removed and when.

Crosslinking of the cornea. This procedure strengthens a keratoconus-affected cornea. To determine if this surgery is needed, a topography scan may be performed. Scans are performed after surgery to monitor the eye.

During a Corneal Topography Scan, What to Expect

what is corneal topography

● You’ll be seated in front of a huge bowl with glowing circles inside. The chin and forehead rest keep your head in place to get the best images possible.
● While the photos are being taken, you will be asked to look at a set target in the bowl.
● Although the scan only takes a few seconds, it might be necessary to repeat it several times.
● Since nothing reaches the eye during the scan, corneal topography is painless.

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