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7. Behçet’s Disease: Blood Vessel Inflammation. Many people are not familiar with this type of disorder known as Behçet’s disease. Behçet’s disease is a rare disorder that results in damage to blood vessels which causes problems in part of the body including the eyes. The condition is usually long-term or chronic but there are times where remission happens. Remission is the period when the symptoms go away.⁣ → Link

6. Pros and Cons of Using Disposable Contact Lenses. Hearing the word “disposable” makes you think that it is expensive and a waste of money because it is just a single-use. A type of contact lens that has been introduced that gained popularity is the daily disposable contact lenses. → Link

5. How to Safely Flush the Eye as First Aid. It is crucial to act as quickly as you can when any foreign object or chemical gets into the eye. In most cases, the first response to these accidents is to flush the eye as quickly as possible to minimize injury. This makes it essential for someone to learn how to safely flush the eye without causing more damage. Simultaneously, emergency services must be contacted to receive immediate medical attention. → Link

4. Neuropathic Corneal Pain. A disorder known as neuropathic corneal pain causes your eyes, face, or head to become overly sensitive. It also causes them pain. Corneal neuralgia is another name for this illness. The specific etiology is unknown. They believe it is caused by corneal nerve injury mixed with inflammation. Your nervous system will not function properly as a result of this combination. → Link

3. How Do Optical Illusions Work? Optical illusions can change how we perceive things. People say to see is to believe. Eyes are known to tell you what is in front of you which is the truth. Sight is one of the senses that we humans have. What our eyes see sends raw information to our brain for interpretation which is a complex process that involves our eyes. → Link

2. SMILE Laser Eye Surgery: The State-Of-The-Art Procedure To Treat Nearsightedness. Introducing the FDA approved SMILE laser eye surgery, a minimally invasive laser vision correction. ReLEx SMILE from ZEISS, first performed 10 years ago, remains to be the only solution for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction or SMILE until now. Over 1,700 surgeons and more than 1 million SMILE procedures have been performed worldwide with few to no complications ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 per eye. → Link

1. Quick Guide To LASIK And PRK. Refractive eye surgery refers to any surgical procedure used to fix vision problems. In the recent years, we have seen huge advances in this field. Until contact lenses were popularized in the 1950s, eyeglasses had been the only practical way to correct refractive vision errors. Refractive and laser eye surgery allow many patients to see better than any other time in their lives. → Link

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