Pros and Cons of Using Disposable Contact Lenses

Hearing the word “disposable” makes you think that it is expensive and a waste of money because it is just a single-use. A type of contact lens that has been introduced that gained popularity is the daily disposable contact lenses.

Many people are confused with the “daily wear” and “daily disposable” type of lens. Daily wear refers to the contact lens that is removed before you sleep because it is not an overnight wear type of contact lens. It is being replaced depending upon the brand which can be weekly, monthly, or yearly.

On the other hand, disposable contact lenses refer to the one that is discarded after using it at the end of the day.

Pros and Cons of Using Disposable Contact Lenses

The Safety Behind Daily Contact Lenses

Eyes are a very sensitive part which is one of the reasons why you must keep them clean and healthy at all times. It makes you comfortable and safe if you replace your lenses frequently.

Two things are needed to be avoided in contact lens care. It is to continuously wear extended wear lenses for several days and discard them afterward. It is not a good idea to wear contact lenses overnight because of the risk it poses for eye problems.

A daily disposable contact lens is a convenient choice because it saves you from the hassle of cleaning it every day and no overnight wear. You just use it and discard it afterward.

Pros and Cons of Using Disposable Contact Lenses

Difference Between Daily Contact Lenses From Regular Lenses

Contact lenses are known to be expensive to be disposed of very often. The proposed solution to prolong the use of lenses is to clean them regularly.

The disposable contact lens has been designed according to its use with new materials. Many people expect its price to be costly but it is more affordable than they have expected. The cost usually depends on the materials used and brand.

Silicone hydrogel materials are used to make daily disposable contact lenses. You will not need any lens care product if you choose to use daily contact lenses, unlike the regular lenses.

Your eye doctor can determine if you can wear daily contact lenses. There are different colors available and designs. It is designed according to its purpose such as correcting astigmatism and presbyopia with multifocal designs.

It is important to check if they are available based on your eye prescription because there are instances that the prescription is outside the range of what they have produced.

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