What Are the Ways to Contact Opticians During the Lockdown?

COVID-19 is widespread throughout the entire world. It is feared for the reason that it is a life-threatening disease for people who have comorbidities. Since the coronavirus is transmitted by close contact, the lockdown has been ordered.

The safety measures that have been ordered are quarantine, lockdown, social distancing, and the wearing of face masks. Life goes on despite the current pandemic situation which means it is inevitable to need doctors.

Opticians and patients are adjusting to the new normal and restrictions. The main priority is the health of the population including mental health and eye health. The coping and mental health of people is challenged by the isolation that is going.

Many people ask what they will do if they require urgent care or face to face treatment. As much as possible, face to face is avoided because of close contact transmission. According to the advice of The College of Optometrists, all aspects of health practices in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland should be open despite pandemic.

ways to contact opticians during the lockdown

Is It Possible to Visit an Optician During Lockdown?

People are advised to stay at home unless their travel is essential. Local opticians are known to remain open unless they have a certain situation wherein a staff needs to isolate. If you need to undergo an eye examination, you can visit them for your routine test. Mostly if you need urgent treatment, an optician will still be available.

You can visit your optician but remember to follow the health protocols. Before visiting, you should contact your optician. Many clinics require an appointment so that they can manage the number of people in the clinic to avoid overcrowding because social distancing must be observed.

The optician and staff wear their perspective PPE. The safety and health of patients and staff is a priority which is why you need to follow everything so no one should be put at risk. There may be a scenario where you will be asked to wear PPE because there can be circumstances where social distancing is hard to maintain.

ways to contact opticians during the lockdown

What Are the Alternatives in Visiting an Optician?

If you do not think that your problem is an emergency, you may contact them. Remember not to rely on what you read on the internet. You should always listen to the one who knows best which is your optician. Phone calls are available to discuss and give your concerns about your eye.

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