What Is Included in the Basic Eye Exam?

Most people do not visit their eye doctor until they encounter vision problems which mean they did not undergo a basic eye exam. As humans, we see the importance of eyesight in our life. We use our eyes for all the activities that we perform such as reading, driving, and surfing the internet.

For our safety, we use our sight to look out for warnings and dangerous situations. It is important to protect eye health just like your physical health. Protecting ocular health can be achieved by having regular eye exams with an optometrist.

basic eye exam

What Are the Eye Tests Included in Basic Eye Exam?

During your eye appointment, you will undergo basic tests. These are the common eye tests that can be expected in your check-up:

  • The visual acuity test is the most common eye test that all of us are familiar with. You are positioned at a specific distance with the eye chart. You will read letters from the chart using one eye at a time. It can determine the vision level of your eye compared to the standard 20/20 vision.
  • Retinoscopy uses a machine called a phoropter. With this eye test, the optometrist will be able to know the approximate lens prescription. The optometrist will let you try different lenses and observe how the light affects your eyes with it. You will be asked to focus on the object in front of you but usually, it is the letter “E” on the eye chart.
  • Keratometry test measures the part of the eye which is the cornea. It measures the shape and curve of the outside of the eye because it can affect how light is being perceived and how light is being reflected. Keratometry test is used by an optometrist to detect if you have a condition known as astigmatism.
  • Intraocular pressure measurement uses a puff of air to measure eye pressure based on the eye’s reaction and resistance to the pressure. If you have an abnormal level of eye pressure, it may indicate glaucoma.

basic eye exam

The Different Types of Peripheral Visual Field Tests

The visual field tests evaluate how we see objects on our sides or peripheral vision. These are the types of peripheral visual field test that can identify gaps and determine the size of the visual field:

  • Automated perimetry
  • Tangent screen exam
  • Confrontation visual field exam

These eye tests are simple and painless. Make regular eye check-ups to receive important eye exams.

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