What Are the Different Medical Eye Devices That Are Considered Quack?

As we trace the history of vision care, developments and innovations have been made. Some devices and treatments played a great role in preserving or improving our eyesight.

Here are some quack eye care devices and treatments used before:

  1. Actina Sight Restorer is a small cylindrical device that has a battery that can stimulate blood vessels. It promises to cure eye diseases, ear and nose troubles but there is no therapeutic value. The only thing it offers is irritation because of the oil and extracts inside the bottle.
  2. Spermaceti Ointment is claimed to be a substance taken from a whale. It is claimed that the waxy substance which is used in making candles is known to be an effective treatment for pink eye or conjunctivitis. It is important to consult your eye doctor regarding treatment because unproven home remedies can worsen the situation.
  3. Better Sight Vibrator is a device that claims to give you a better sight with the exercise that it produces. Eye muscles are not responsible for how you read an eye chart therefore exercise will not give you a better vision.
  4. Color therapy is a device with a large light bulb inside that has 12 colored filters. The blue light is said to cure cataracts and glaucoma but it is exposed to be a fraud.
  5. Dr. J. Stephen’s & Co. Patented Cornea Restorer is a device that claims to cure cataracts, strabismus, and partial blindness.
  6. Quack Eye Massager looks like a pepper grinder which does not do anything for the eye.
  7. Eye Water is known to be a remedy for all problems concerning the eye but there is no such thing as all around treatment.

medical eye devices that are quack

What Are the Other Eye Devices That Give False Claims?

  • Neu-Vita Oculizer
  • Galvanic Stimulator
  • Integral Stimulating Intensity Stroboscope
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Singleton’s Eye Ointment
  • Violet Ray Machine
  • Walker Ophthalmic High-Frequency Unit
  • Eye Stones
  • Eye Massager
  • Pettit’s Eye Salve
  • Barrett Eye Normalizer
  • Electrotherapy Kit

Numerous eye devices are considered a quack. They are not proven to be effective and cause more problems than make your eyes better.

medical eye devices that are quack

What Should I Do if I Have Any Eye Problems?

The most important thing to do when you are experiencing any eye problem is to consult your eye doctor immediately. Do not rely on unproven eye devices. It is always an excellent choice to rely on professionals who are knowledgeable about the matter. Do not use or pour any treatment that is considered as a quack.

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