Can Having Pterygium Be a Problem in Getting LASIK Procedure?

Not all people are familiar with what a pterygium is. For individuals who heard that they have a pterygium must be wondering if it can interfere with their plan on getting LASIK. It is a case to case basis but usually, you can have LASIK when you have pterygium. It is a rare occurrence that the answer is no when you are getting LASIK.

These are the events that can be the reason why you cannot get LASIK:

  • If the pterygium blocks your vision because it is growing far into the central cornea
  • If the pterygium causes a gradual change in eyeglass prescription

pterygium and lasik

What Is a Pterygium?

If you are to observe your eyes, your conjunctiva is clear. Conjunctiva can get infected or inflamed which is known to be conjunctivitis or pink eye. You may not believe it but conjunctiva can grow in ways that should not. If it appears that your conjunctiva has a small or large growth of fleshy tissue that grows from the nasal side toward the center of your eye is called pterygium.

Now that you know what a pterygium is, you are wondering how you get this. It commonly occurs when you are overexposed to UV rays, wind, dry climate. Pterygium is also known for its colloquial terms which are “surfer’s eye.”

The symptoms that you may observe are redness, inflammation, burning feeling, and dryness. Some cases of pterygium block and affect eyesight that results in distorted and blurry vision. There may be an opportunity where you can notice that pterygium is forming but you do not experience any symptoms.

Treatments for pterygium are given if it causes discomfort and affects vision. Surgery can be given if it severely affects vision while medication such as topical corticosteroid eye drops can be given to reduce inflammation and redness. If your eyes are feeling dry, you may be recommended to use artificial tears to keep them lubricated.

pterygium and lasik

Will Pterygium Be a Problem When I Get LASIK?

Before you can get LASIK, there are qualifications that you need to meet for you to be a candidate. If you meet all qualifications, there will be no problem in getting the procedure done. If you have pterygium, you may be worried about the outcome of your surgery.

Pterygium is assumed to be caused by a dry climate. Months after LASIK, you will be needing treatment for dryness. There are reported cases where LASIK was performed on people with pterygia and it has never been an issue.

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